Important Points When Choosing Professional Cleaning Services

Why Do You Need Experienced Cleaning Services

People hire cleaning professionals for many different reasons, as the number one reason being to save valuable time. You can save countless hours of boring domestic chores, as most of the saved time are the hours you spend on thinking about not wanting to do any cleaning. It’s not difficult to find a good and reliable home cleaning service, that will meet your needs. As life just seems to move at a faster pace, valuable, personal, and family time gets shortened. Hiring a good house cleaning company can give you back some of that time. Licensed cleaning services are quickly becoming not a luxury anymore, but a needed service for most homeowners.

What Should You Know First When Hiring a Cleaning Company

Most residents that hire professional contractors to clean their homes aren’t aware of what they should be asking before scheduling the service. Somehow along the way, bonding became the industry standard question to ask, but this is a false sense of security. When interviewing cleaning companies, homeowners should ask the following questions:

  • 1. Are they insured? Do they have an adequate liability insurance and not just a bond? Bonding is not a bad thing and in some rare cases does serve a purpose.
  • 2. Do they have worker’s compensation insurance?
  • 3. Do they perform background checks on all employees?
  • 4. Who is going to clean the house? Is it going to be a team or just one person? Is there going to be a team leader on-site at all times?
  • 5. Is there a formal training program and how do they train their employees?

Make sure all expectations are clear upfront. Ask about any service or task that is expected to be performed, but is not mentioned or listed.

What is Typically Included With The House Cleaning Visits

Most cleaning contractors, especially the ones in large metro areas, offer a wide range of cleaning services. You will find a comprehensive list of cleaning services, that include all surfaces in the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, living areas and floors. Additional services include wet mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. When requesting a quote, ask for a list of what they perform or what they will do in your home. Be sure to clarify upfront what will be included with the service you will receive.

The Difference Between a Maid and a Cleaning Service

While many call themselves maid services and others call themselves cleaning services, most are the same. All cleaning contractors perform basic home cleaning with a wide range in services. If your expectations include things like laundry, doing the dishes, and ironing, you should discuss it with the company you are interviewing. Nearly all homeowners’ needs can be met by a professional cleaning service with some input from the client.

Do You Have to Supply Any Cleaning Products

Professional cleaning services always supply their own products and equipment for a number of reasons, such as productivity and training purposes. Also, most customers find a relief not to have to buy or store cleaning products in their homes any longer. This is especially beneficial with regards to small children and their safety. Keep in mind that the house cleaners are trained on the products they use. It’s necessary in regards to using the products effectively, efficiently and most importantly safely. But if you have a cleaning detergent you prefer to be used in your home, let the cleaners know about it.

What If You Have Pets

This is an issue that have to be discussed in detail before the service begins. Make sure that you pet doesn’t intimidate or scare your house cleaners. If they don’t like the animal or are afraid of it, this is a recipe for а disaster. Of course, most cleaning companies will match up customers with pets and professional cleaners that love animals. Make arrangements to put away or secure your pets if they are going to impede the work of the cleaning teams. Also, it’s a good idea to advice them of any animal, such as cats, that may try to escape quickly if a door is left opened. Nothing is more frustrating to a cleaning team than an escaped animal over which they have no control.


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