How To Make Money as a Life Coach – Yes, it’s a thing!

pexels-photo-29353Have you ever considered making money as a Certified Life Coach? Did you even know that it was possible? Until about a few days ago, I didn’t. On the advice of a friend, I decided to check it out and what I found was an untapped cash cow. So, here is what I learned about how to make money as a life coach.

Coaching has become a very trendy way for people to earn additional income. As a coach you will not only make a reasonable salary, you will feel proud that you are helping individuals transform into more positive people. It requires no upfront fees unless you option to become certified. (While you really should, you can earn money first and then get certified when you have the money to do so.) Anyone who wants to help others and has some experience in a niche or topic can do it. really is one of the best ways to make money online that isn’t scammy or difficult to do.

It really is one of the best ways to make money online that isn’t scammy or difficult to do. And, anyone can do it.

Who can coach?

  • Disable Individuals
  • Stay at Home Parents
  • Senior Citizens
  • Unemployed
  • Students
  • Individuals with a chronic illness
  • Anyone who wants to help others
  • Field Experts
  • Certified Experts

Where Can I find Coaching jobs?

Jobs in this field can be found just about anywhere online. The types of coaching that you can do vary as much as the topics. By joining an online coaching job hub (such as,,, etc.) you can easily focus your efforts on finding clients. These websites are designed for this purpose. By visiting a hub, you can start your own coaching business without any fees or tools other than a Mobile or Internet connection. The concept of it really is to get people who are looking for help to connect with an appropriate coach. In essence, they provide you with clients in need. In the case of, the coaches simply log on, talk to clients via the chat system and get paid. Most of the other online coaching hubs like required you to schedule hours with clients at your own convenience and require you to pay the hub for advertising your profile. This seems like an equally good approach, but for people wanting to make money fast or don’t have the necessary fees, this option might be a bit more difficult. For clients who want quick results, the latter seems like the better option.

What it Means to be a Coach?

As a coach, you will be required to promote yourself, offer advice, provide guidance or suggest ways that clients can get the help they need. You can provide expertise in a number of related topics and niches such as life, work, and wellness.

What is wrong with putting your past experience (s) to use to help someone else? Sounds like a solid opportunity to me.

Along with the coaching hub option, you can also create your own online website and promote yourself as a self-help guru. If you are thinking about going the solo route, you may need a bit of start-up money.

In either case, coaching takes a little effort if you want to be extremely successful. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Obtain an Additional Degree to Increase Services

Life Coaching When people come to you, they may have all sorts of questions about their physical health, spirituality or mental state. While you can guide them to resources for further assistance, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can answer all of their inquiries. Obtaining certification or a degree in an additional field may allow you to do so. For example, you may have clients who are unhappy with their weight. Becoming a certified dietitian along with a fitness one can allow you to provide both services. Increasing the services you offer can make you more marketable and allow you to attach a higher price tag to your services.

  • Expand Your Client Base

Right now, you may focus on offering services to one type of individual. For example, you may tend to work with mothers or fathers who are returning to the workforce after spending the first few years of their children’s lives at home with them. Or, you may cater to young adults who have just finished college and are looking to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. While you may not have the skills to guide every person on every life decision, you can expand your target audience. If you’re nervous about doing so, start by adding an additional group or type of individual at a time. As you gain experience, you can expand further.

  • Build Your Reputation

At some point, your clients may not need you anymore. As a result of your great teaching, they have acquired the skills necessary to accomplish their own goals. While your prime purpose is to help people discover independence, doing so may leave you with fewer clients. Therefore, you need current and past clients to help you build your reputation. Ask clients if they will post a review of your services on the site or provide references. You should also create accounts on social media, engage with clients and other professionals and you will find that most people provide compliments readily. You can also write blogs and article about topics that you have expertise in. Engaging clients is the ultimate key to success – this is called promotion or marketing.

  • Join a Team

You may also struggle to make money because you are having difficulty advertising yourself. Marketing as an individual is not an easy task so you may want to look into joining a team or hub. For example, some communities have spiritual centers where individuals seek spiritual guidance and readings. These centers may want a life coach to join their team. You may also find psychology or psychiatry officers who are looking for people to do work out in the real world with their clients. When your name is attached to a team or an entity, then your name is out there more. People may also feel a greater sense of confidence in your services if they already trust the practice.

  • Create Competitive Prices

If you are charging a tremendous amount more than your competitors, you may have your answer as to why you are not getting as much business as you would like. For example, having five customers at 100 dollars per customers is better than having two customers at 200 dollars. Speaking with an expert in finance is a smart decision to help you here. Doing research to see what the current rates are will help a great deal.

Becoming a life coach will allow you to fulfill your own dreams (both personally and financially) while helping others to do the same. However, like any job, if you want to work in this position, you must generate enough income to make it worth your time. Effort equals reward in this job. The more time you put in, the more clients you will get and the more experienced you will become.pexels-photo

Things you may want to ask yourself before deciding on this career:

  • Do I have the time, patience and commitment it takes to give to my clients?
  • Am I confident enough to show others how to do what I am asking them to do?
  • Am I a good role model for what I am teaching?
  • How will I approach difficult situations?
  • Is my past experience transferable to a life coaching job?

The real answer is, as a life coach, you do what you can to help others. When you are not able to, you guide them towards someone who can. Be a friend, listen and advise. It is really as simple as it gets.

While there are hundreds of topics of life coaches, here are some of the most popular:

  • Assertiveness
  • Business, Sales, and Marketing
  • Career
  • Dating, Divorce, and Relationships
  • EFT
  • Family, Parenting and other related options
  • Finance
  • Fitness, Health, and Well-Being.
  • Grief
  • Marketing, Mentoring, and Performance
  • MidlifeCrisis
  • NLP
  • Retirement
  • Sexuality
  • Spiritual
  • Stress
  • Transition

If you have any questions, please ask below!