How To Accelerate Your eCommerce Development In 2022?

The eCommerce development market is evolving now more than ever, especially during this pandemic period when people were compelled to stay home. Global eCommerce sales are anticipated to touch the height of $4.891 trillion by the end of 2021. Additionally, these numbers are just expected to grow in the upcoming years, making the eCommerce industry a profitable option for business.

Statista says global retail eCommerce sales will account for $6,388 billion by 2024. Several high-tech innovations transform the way people shop and the retailers market any product/service. As today’s world is moving towards digital advancement, online sales are yet to witness continuous growth and take a substantial step in retail sales.

The strategies are imperative for promoting any business and enhancing the quality of business. Suppose you are searching for some efficient strategies and eCommerce Development Trends For 2022 for improvising your business and increasing the sales of the products. In that case, you can go through the below-mentioned strategies for making your business reach great height. By implementing these strategies, you can enhance the eCommerce sales that can foster the growth of your business.

Using The AI For Automation Of Sales

According to Gartner, approx 25% of customers’ support and services can integrate with virtual assistants/chatbots before 2022. However, how can artificial intelligence (AI) be used for eCommerce business practically??

The use of artificial intelligence with the application of ‘chatbots’ is considered a way for driving conversations in this upcoming new era of conversational commerce. E-commerce businesses also prefer using AI-powered chatbots to understand their customers better, generate new leads, and enhance the customer experience.

Using Virtual Reality (VR) For Transforming The eCommerce

Virtual reality will soon be the popular eCommerce trend in 2022. Virtual, augmented reality bridges the gap between the in-store shopping experience or mobile shopping experience.

Both VR and eCommerce are parallel and are real-world experiences that are digitally replicating. Several online stores use VR as part of their integrated marketing strategies. They both supplement each other well, which is the perfect way of creating an unforgettable customer experience.

In the case of customers, VR implies a richer buying experience and product visualization before buying, and the augmented and virtual reality market size is anticipated to touch the height of $454.73 billion by 2030.

Becoming Mobile First

With the increasing popularity of smartphones today, the number of users is also expected to grow to 66.78 billion by the end of 2022. Becoming mobile-friendly is one of the most important eCommerce trends. The primary focus should be on mobile phones as the first channel. It is vital to check that your eCommerce website is perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Websites that are not mobile optimized might be a significant reason for the dropping sale rate. Thus, you cannot ignore them.

In general, customers prefer using an app to build their mobile application for engagement with customers. Significant reasons why customers prefer to use apps as compared to websites are:

  • Mobile is more convenient and quick
  • Getting more personalized content
  • Offering better deals and discounts.

With so many benefits to customers, it is evident to see their experience, and this will help you grow the revenue.

Generating Engaging Video Content

As there is splendid evolution of digital marketing, one thing that is evident in today’s customers is favoring videos. Approximately 87% of online marketers prefer using video content. If anyone is able to interact with the product prior to making the final purchase, it will kick off the hesitation of buying online. The product visualization can answer every question in your mind before you buy them.

  • How can the videos help customers?
  • Describing the use of the products
  • Correctly understanding and getting the reliability of the product.
  • Gaining new customers by offering them valuable content that can help fulfill their needs.
  • Sharing positive reviews.
  • A compelling video can explain the product with its advantages.

Personalized Customer Journey

Enhancing the personalization experience for the customers is not just about the fine-tuning of the marketing product that might land into your inbox. It is also about forging real connections, understanding your customer’s and providing them the best experience. According to Accenture, 75% of shoppers are most likely to buy from websites that often use the form of personalization. This is why several businesses today are opting for a personalized experience.

Granting More Options To The Customers For Digital payments

A long-standing hurdle for eCommerce businesses is the lack of digital payment options. You need to allow various wallet options to the customer for paying for the products and services on your website.

You need to make the eCommerce checkout process simple and get maximum sales turnover. One of the popular eCommerce trends is the Apple Pay option. Businesses can gain more customers and recognition that can offer several options like GooglePay, PayPal, Phonepe, Kyoto currency, etc. The purchase is often not complete as you cannot find the payment option.

If you start accepting the payments via some models like Visa or MasterCard, several potential customers might turn away. Ensure that you have options for accepting debit cards with credit cards.

Accelerating eCommerce Development Approach- In a Nutshell

As the demanding customer base increases in the eCommerce industry, business leaders want to stay in the competitive environment by offering high customer engagement and rich features to their users. Technological advancements are bringing new trends into the eCommerce industry, and companies strive to draw the attention of their customers by opting for a radical approach by constantly testing, learning, measuring, and optimizing.

Your eCommerce website development company should fabricate a platform to offer sales hikes and customer satisfaction. Merging new technology and trends, such as AR/AR, etc., in the eCommerce development will revamp its future and provide the best shopping experience at the convenience of their homes.

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Mosche Amara is a senior eCommerce developer in Sparx IT Solutions. He is tech-savvy and an expert in his field with more than seven years of experience. He loves to spread his wisdom in his free time by writing blogs and articles.

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