How Much Do Asphalt Paving Contractors in Midland TX Cost?

asphalt paving cost guideAll asphalt paving contractors in Midland TX set their own prices and might vary their charges according to the condition of your property, the thickness of asphalt needed, whether you schedule work during a peak season, and other such factors. In most cases, asphalt might cost between $3 and $5 per square foot installed.

While prices for asphalt installation might seem a bit steep, note that summers in Midland are typically very hot and humid and these weather conditions often affect asphalt adversely. Harsh sunlight dries out asphalt while excess humidity might lead to asphalt softening and then cracking or splitting. High-quality asphalt materials and skilled installation keep pavement in good condition over the years despite those hot, humid summers.

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Before you call an asphalt paving contractor, you might note some added details about this material and its installation process. It might also be helpful to consider some tips on keeping asphalt maintained so you avoid otherwise unnecessary repair and replacement costs and know your property will always look its best. Be sure to discuss this information with your chosen asphalt paving company, so you know you’re getting the best advice for your property in particular!

How Much Do Asphalt Paving Contractors Cost?

While it’s impossible to note the price of every asphalt paving company in Midland or elsewhere, you might consider some details they typically take into account when determining their pricing. This information can help you to better understand what you might expect by way of pricing for a new parking lot or asphalt driveway.

  • The condition of the area to be paved is considered when pricing new asphalt installation. Unpaved property might need compacting or grading, adding to your costs. Excavation of trees and other prep work also adds to overall charges.
  • Adding proper drainage features to a property might add anywhere from $100 to $1000 or more to the price of asphalt installation.
  • If current asphalt is in severe disrepair, it might require a full tear-out before the installation of new asphalt. This work adds to the costs of your new asphalt installation, sometimes up to $1000 or more.
  • The thickness of new asphalt needed depends on average vehicle traffic; for example, a commercial business with heavy delivery trucks needs thicker asphalt in their parking lot than what’s needed for a residential driveway. Thicker asphalt means more cost for materials and increased installation time.
  • Some asphalt paving contractors in Midland might also charge for added or special aggregate. For instance, if you need more traction along your commercial parking lot or prefer a certain aggregate color outside your home, you might face increased charges.
  • There are also typically three grades of asphalt, as well as different mixtures. A higher grade, typically used for parking lots and roads, is more durable but typically more expensive.
  • Permits for asphalt installation are sometimes costly; while your paving contractor might be responsible for pulling those permits, he or she will typically add their costs to your overall charges.

When to Schedule Asphalt Repairs

Never wait until you see chunks of asphalt breaking away or other significant damage before scheduling asphalt repairs! Water seeping in through asphalt cracks damages its lower layers, and small chips, potholes, and other imperfections only get worse over time.

In addition to chips, cracks, and other such damage, call for asphalt repairs if you notice spalling along its surface. Spalling is sometimes called surface or pavement cancer; it refers to flaking or peeling along the top of asphalt. Spalling is often the result of harsh sunlight exposure or extreme weather conditions. If left unchecked, this damage allows asphalt to dry out and chip or crack.

It’s also good to schedule a chip seal when you notice lots of tiny surface cracks, chips, and other such damage. A chip sealant or tar and chip adds a thin layer of liquid asphalt and then new aggregate, pressed and compacted for a solid surface. Chip sealant repairs minor damages and gives asphalt a fresh new look.

Why Avoid DIY Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt patching kits are often sufficient for minor cracks along the surface of asphalt, but larger chips and potholes are best left to professionals. One reason for this is that damaged asphalt might need prep work before repairs; failing to clean out dirt and other debris means an inconsistent surface that doesn’t adhere to patching compounds easily.

It’s also good to check the lower layers of asphalt for damage before you apply patching compounds or other fixes. Simply covering over potholes and cracks, without evaluating the real extent of damage, allows that damage to spread and often leads to even more broken or chipped asphalt in time.

How to Avoid Asphalt Repair

No matter the cost of asphalt paving contractors, it’s good to avoid unnecessary repairs in the first place! Note a few quick tips for keeping your property’s parking lot, driveway, and other areas free of damage and in good repair.

  • Keep asphalt clean with a good power washing every other year or as often as needed to remove motor oil, storm debris, lawn care chemicals, and the like. Power washing also cools the surface of asphalt, helping to avoid cracks and chips.
  • Invest in regular seal coating. A professional sealant provides a layer of protection over the surface of asphalt, blocking out harsh sunlight and corrosive chemicals.
  • Avoid driving overly heavy vehicles on a driveway or parking lot. If you buy a large trailer or upgrade your delivery trucks, it might be good to have an additional layer of asphalt installed, to keep the material strong.
  • Sharp objects such as snow blower blades and snow shovels tend to chip away at the surface of asphalt and loosen aggregate, leading to greater damage. While you might not need to clear snow often from a Midland, Texas, property, be sure to use brushes or other such tools when needed and avoid rough metal and plastic items.

It’s also good to invest in high-quality asphalt installation. Poor-quality installation and inferior materials often leads to early damage and otherwise unnecessary repairs. No matter the cost of high-quality paving contractors in Midland TX, consider their price an investment in your property and the condition of that pavement for years to come.

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