How has the American Moving Industry Moved Forward Through the Pandemic?

Despite the uncertain times during this worldwide pandemic, brought to you courtesy of COVID-19, people across the globe have continued to keep it moving—literally. Residential and commercial moves have continued, a sure sign of humanity’s commitment to keeping things progressing as normally as possible during definitively abnormal circumstances. Let’s take a look at how the American moving industry in particular has kept things moving forward throughout the pandemic.

Encouraging the Economy

In order to try to prevent the spread of this novel virus and keep health as a top priority, a number of industries came to a screeching halt in March 2020. Only those deemed as “essential” were allowed to keep operating, and even those industries were made to adhere to stricter protocols as we tried to get a better understanding of a seemingly incomprehensible virus. The result? The economy, of course, took a major hit. One such industry that was able to stay afloat was the moving and storage services business. Thankfully, with precautions in place, this allowed the approximately 187,000 employed with moving companies to keep their jobs, make their residential and commercial moves, and do their pivotal part in keeping commerce moving forward. For people and businesses able to complete their moves, personal lives and professional interests were afforded the opportunity to continue to thrive and survive despite COVID-19’s best attempts to thwart progress. With an annual contribution of over $30 billion to the U.S. economy, the moving industry simply had to “keep it moving” to help our nation’s stability. Read more.

Staying Safe and Secure

In the moving industry, keeping your furniture and other personal belongings safe and damage-free en route to their final destination is always a priority, but during the pandemic, increased cleaning, sanitizing, and social distancing procedures have been implemented to also keep movers and clients safe and healthy. More than ever, virtual consultation, online staff training, web conferences with clients, and online or mobile estimates are being used to reduce in-person contact during planning. Chicago’s own Reebie Storage & Moving Co. (also serving the Franklin Park and Naperville areas) is one such company that keeps customer and staff safety at the top of their priority list. They proudly adhere to industry-wide practices and procedures. Their highly-trained team is committed to providing unmatched service from the start to finish of your move, beginning with a free estimate.

Keeping the Personal Touch

Although the pandemic has increased reliance on virtual and digital communication over physical, in-person contact, maintaining that “personal touch” when it comes to customer service still needs to be in place. At Reebie Storage & Moving Co., clients still feel that personal connection needed to ensure trust in their moving or storage process. Team members are there every step of the way to answer and address any possible questions or concerns that may arise, never making customers feel like they’re less than a top priority for a company that cares. When making a move, whether it’s residential, commercial, local, or across the country, knowing the professionals taking charge for you are highly capable, trained, and committed to excellence while dedicated to your satisfaction and comfort is what Reebie Storage & Moving Co. delivers on a consistent basis.

Leading the Pack of Professionals

During an unpredictable time, you want to feel protected by a company that is responsible and trustworthy. What sets Reebie Storage & Moving Co. apart from the rest? As a reputable agent for Allied (and an Allied Quality Winning agent), they assist with every aspect of your move, from obtaining an estimate and pre-planning to reviewing the final invoice. It’s not just the customer service crew who will help take the load of your move off of your shoulders—the expert packers and skilled drivers all have a hand in earning your trust and respect to provide a stress-free trek, regardless of the distance.

Need storage services? Whatever you need to store, and for any duration, Reebie Storage & Moving Co. offers a revolutionary “1-Touch Storage Advantage” vault system that keeps your valuables and other goods undamaged and undisturbed—just like you left them. Instead of your items being touched and handled multiple times during the moving and storing process, they are removed from your home or space, delivered to the warehouse (while you watch), and forklifted into the secure facility. Take a virtual tour of the 5 million cubic feet of secure, climate-controlled storage space and see for yourself what all they have to offer in the storage sector.

What are you waiting for? Your moving and storage needs can be taken care of in a snap by the trusted professionals at Chicago’s renowned Reebie Storage & Moving Co. Visit Reebie to learn more or to get your free quote today.

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