Gutter Cleaning as a Business Service

Gutter Cleaning ProfessionalsTo keep your guttering system well maintained you need to clean it at least twice a year. This will prevent water damage caused by blockages in the pipes. Running water slowly erodes surface structure as well as brickwork and window frames. Water run off can saturate the ground and penetrate the foundations making them unstable. The guttering can become damaged too with sections actually being pulled away with the weight of the water. Sometimes this can lead to the gutter collapsing completely. To avoid all of these potential problems read this article to see just how gutter cleaning companies clean rain gutters:

These days gutter cleaners are skilled in the use of high tech machinery to clear and clean gutters without ladders or scaffolding. The wet and dry vacuum processes are operated from the ground. A camera is attached to the end of the extending pole and photographs are taken before and after the clean. This enables you to see exactly what was causing your blockage and how effectively it was removed. This method also means that where access to areas is difficult and ladders can't reach, gutters can still be safely cleaned.

The vacuum unit is rigid and lightweight and has a selection of tool attachments relevant to the type of guttering and the structure to be cleaned. The system is able to extend and clean up to a height of three storeys so is ideal for commercial as well as domestic properties. The pre-survey done with the camera evaluates the type of debris that needs to be collected and establishes whether any special treatment or equipment is needed. The post survey confirms the completion of the actual clean.


Professional gutter cleaners will be extensively trained in their field. The gutter cleaning process will ensure the removal of all types of debris including leaves, plants, moss and grass. Birds nests and droppings will also be taken care of. Any insect infestations will be dealt with too. Brick and roof tile debris can be collected. All waste will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

A clean and fully functional guttering system will capture rainwater from the roof surfaces and guide it away to drainage. This will prevent damage to both outside and inside your property. Overflowing gutters can cause leaks into the internal roofing area and cavity spaces. This causes mould to develop and fungi to grow on surfaces. This damp also attracts insects. All of these problems can cause health issues and need to be addressed quickly. Gutters are also the first line of defence to prevent the foundations eroding.

Gutter cleaning companies also have the skills and the equipment to repair or even replace damaged sections of gutter. Whatever material your gutter is made of they'll be able to fix it. Rain gutters can be made from a whole range such as cast iron, copper, plastic, aluminium, and even wood. The style of guttering can vary from integral troughs to box gutters, so if you've got any concerns you simply need to call in the professionals.

Using a trusted and highly recommended gutter cleaning company will put your mind at ease. You'll be able to make an appointment over the phone or online. The service provided will be quick and effective, and you'll be offered help and advice to ensure your gutters stay in tip top condition. The procedure is non-invasive and all you have to provide is access and a water supply.

The timing of the gutter cleaning is your choice. Cleaning the gutters at the beginning of autumn is recommended as at this time the leaves are dry and easier to remove. Cleaning again in the early spring will prepare for the summer heat when it's not a good time to tackle the task. Try and opt for a period of settled weather as this makes the job far easier for the technicians!


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