Fruitful Office Review

Fruitful OfficeSome companies profess to try and help people who need it the most, but many simply pay lip service. However, Fruitful Office seems to have created a drive to help others that has resulted in some incredible results. With a real sense of purpose and mission-based thinking, the team has dedicated its efforts towards a simple job, the planting of fruit trees. But the trees are being planted in places that genuinely need them, and the benefits these trees are giving to needy people are truly spectacular.

Back in 2015 Fruitful Office (a company that sells fruit baskets to workplaces) decided to start planting fruit trees in Malawi. This is obviously a very vulnerable community, and the work created a huge buzz. In 2015, the company pledged to plant a tree in Malawi every time someone purchased one of their fruit baskets.

What's noteworthy about the whole project is that Fruitful Office took note of the environment they were working in. The aim was to plant trees that would have the very best chance of surviving in the Malawi environment. This is no mean feat, since not every fruit can survive the climate, and the aim was to ensure that hardy but bountiful trees were used. The guava and papaya trees were the obvious choices in this regard, because they also had one other benefit that not everyone is aware of.

The speed of growth

These trees grow quickly, with a tree bearing fruit in around five years, and sometimes within three years. This means that the benefits of the project can be realised by the Malawi people quickly, rather than after a number of years. What was important was the ease of maintenance too. The Malawi people can easily look after these trees without having to worry about any special and sophisticated management techniques. The trees are easy to manage, which takes away one of the biggest hurdles for these people.

Fruitful Office provided the seedlings to a number of people in Malawi, The seedlings were also provided with clear instructions on how to plant and then care for each tree. This took away plenty of problems that would otherwise remain. Planting and maintaining a tree can be hard work if you do not know what you are doing. Fruitful Office avoided this problem with clear instructions that enabled the trees to be planted wht the minimum of fuss and effort.

This year, Fruitful Office has raised its game to a large degree. The company is now working in another area, the deforested region of Muzuzu. This has a population of around 200,000 people, and the company has great plans to help as many of this group as possible.

The local people have really taken on the project with gusto, and are excited to be part of it. The aim of Fruitful Office is to plant a grand total of 300,000 trees in 2016. If this lofty aim is achieved, the benefits to the people who need them the most will be literally life-changing. The trees will bring sustainable fruit growing for years to come.

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