Certifying Your Dear Cat as Emotional Support Companion

egtrtgCats are champion companion for folks who can be friendly with them! The feline has a very uniquely sweet character but not everyone is a cat person! Unlike dogs, cats do not like shackles or collars. They may wear a collar, but are definitely better without them. You have to be very caring, because if you are not, a cat may not stay with you! A dog would always stay by your side whether you are good or occasionally rude. A cat, on the other hand, would show his discontentment if you are not treating her with loads of love all the time! This individuality of their nature makes them very special as emotional support animals. The companionship of a cat can greatly help an emotionally disturbed person to recover.

Having your cat around

Now, you would want your cat to be close all the time. It is not so easy sometimes because your rental landlord may enact a strict No Pets policy. Here, you would need some kind of a legal support to make sure your pet stays with you. Fortunately, the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1998 allows provisions for retaining the presence of pets as emotional support animals even when your residence may have a No Pet policy. Barring a few exceptions, an ESA certificate gives the pet the same value as a service for your cat and provides you the legal authority to confront your landlord. Obtaining this certificate entails certain protocols, which can be easily met online.

Criteria for keeping

You would need a certificate signed by a licensed therapist. The recommendation letter from the counselor would detail the nature of your emotional disorder. Besides detailing the nature of your problem, it would clarify how this disorder affects your normal lifestyle. The signed letter would also confirm that you are under the treatment of the psychiatric therapist. Next, there would be recognition of the therapeutic value of having an emotional support animal. This dated certificate is obtainable online easily. You need to find a good site where they would ask you to fill up a form in exchange of a standard payment.

The process

The form you fill covers all details of your emotional breakdown and also the great support value of your pet. Following this application, the site would undertake a quick evaluation of your case. Usually, the certificate is made available in a couple of days. In circumstances, where the eligibility is not met, a good site always offers 100% refund of the application payment. At your end, you should be also able to guarantee that the animal would be under your guidance to not become a public nuisance.

The ESA certificate delivers status similar to service cat. It ensures your pet can stay except certain special circumstances. Such situations include your residence at a hotel, motel, or private club. In addition, if you live at a four-unit rental, and the landlord also stays at the same residence, the certificate is legally invalid. Other than that, you have a good chance to secure a refuge for your pet. In fact, this certificate is also a crucial document to make sure that your pet can travel with you on flight.

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