Buying Guide for the Best Plasma Cutter

Cnc_plasma_cuttingDo you own a welding shop or you have DIY task requiring the use of plasma cutter but you are confused when it comes to the choice of the best plasma cutter to purchase? It is almost certain that you are since you on this site. The market is full of several brands of this vital machine making it a daunting task to know which the best is without expert consultation. For the best plasma cutter reviews look here for example.

You do not have to worry anymore because you will soon be provided with rich and reliable information on how to choose plasma cutter that will suite all your needs. There are few things you need to take into consideration before you set out to purchase such machine.

  • Your cutting needs

There are different types of plasma cutters suited for different functions. You have to define the needs for which you are buying the machine before going ahead to purchase. How long will you use the cutter per day? Try to match the duty cycle of the machine with your cutting needs.

  • The cutting capacity

This feature is determined by the speed and maximum thickness of the material being cut by the machine. It differs from one manufacturer to another but the machine's power can give a clue as to the cutting capacity with more powerful machines having better performance and vice versa.

  • Accuracy and precision

The most important reasons for using a plasma cutter is to provide high levels of cutting accuracy and precision. Obviously not all brands in the market deliver this. You need to choose a torch capable of providing the best bevel and straight cuts. You cannot depend on the manufacturer's word on this because all will claim theirs is the best.

  • Arc initiation

In order to avoid compatibility issues, you need to take keen interest in arc initiation of the machine you intend to purchase. While the computerized cutters may be attractive, they have several compatibility issues. You therefore need to look for a machine with contact arc. They have high voltages as well as capacitive startup mechanism.

  • · The cutter's electrical specs

You need to make your decision based on the electrical service you have where you intend to use the machine. For example, you need to know whether your facility has 50 Amp 220V single phase or 30 Amp 110V single phase you are using so that you can purchase a compatible machine. Furthermore, you need to be aware of the other electric devices using the same circuit.

  • Budget limitations

There are price variations within the brands and even models of the same brand. It also depends on the quality of the machine. High quality brands will definitely be costlier than those of medium or low quality. Make your choice based on how much you can afford but do not compromise quality for price. To get high quality yet affordable plasma cutter, you will need to research and take advantage of discounts and offers.

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