Best National and International Graphic Design Agencies

rf2erfIt is not easy to create a name in a competitive industry like Graphic designing, but these brands have managed to defeat millions of Graphic design companies around the world. Their journey from a start-up to gaining international prestige was full of challenges but, it was their dedication and consistency that helped them to gain the prestige. The impressive portfolio, roster of clients and national & international reach, all worked for them and today they are the topmost graphic designing companies on the earth.

Here is the list of prominent national and international graphic design companies around the world:

Best National Graphic agencies:

  1. Printing Bazar: Printing Bazaar is a popular name in the field of Graphic designing. It has print studios in more than 10 cities in the country. It meets almost all the graphic designing needs of its customers. The Graphic design company provides services like academics, corporate and gifting. It makes use of the latest Printing technology. It has a team of efficient, qualified and talented graphic designers.
  2. Sacred Fig Design: The consistency in the design is very important because the text on the page in the irregular pattern will take the reader away. While navigating from one page to another, the reader should not face any hassle. Sacred Fig Design is known for consistency in its designs. It is a branding and graphic design agency based in Jaipur. Its graphic designs become a truly memorable experience. The Web designs of Sacred Fig are the ultimate customer-empowering environment.
  3. Landor: Landor is another world’s prominent graphic design company that has its headquarters in San Francisco with offices in 20 different countries. It has offices in Mumbai India, London and Hong Kong like cities.

The Landor graphic design agency is an international firm. Since it has its office in India and is quite popular in the country, hence we preferred to place it under the category of national graphic design agencies.

Best International Graphic Design agencies:

  1. Pentagram: If you have even a small interest in the graphic design, then you must be definitely aware of this name. The Pentagram is the World’s biggest and the most famous graphic design companies. The Pentagram is owned by 19 partners and all of them are prominent names in the world of graphic designing. The headquarters of the Pentagram is in London and its offices are in San Francisco, Austin, Berlin and New York.
  2. Meta Design: Meta Design is a graphic design company that is in the field from last 20 years. It is the designing firm that is responsible for reinventing the Apple’s MAC OS system. It has given a new identity to the Adobe brand’s packaging and identity. The caliber with which it works has no matches. The headquarters of Meta Design is in San Francisco. Its main offices are in Beijing, Berlin, Zurich, Geneva, and Dusseldorf.
  3. The Chase: When it comes to choosing, there are just a few names in the world of the graphic designing world that are able to chase and give some competition to Chase. The company has so far won hundreds of international and national awards. The headquarters of the chase is in Manchester and main offices in London and Preston.
  4. Charlie Smith: Charlie Smith Design is one other famous name in the world of Graphic designing companies. The company came into existence in 2003 and its founder is Charlie Smith. Charlie Smith is the former designer of Pentagram. Smith utilized the experience he had gained at pentagram which is worlds renowned graphic design company. So the success of his new project was looking obvious from the day one. It offers a range of services from packaging to digital. The headquarters of Charlie Smith Design Company is in London.
  5. Happy Cog: After Charlie Smith, comes the name of Happy Cog which is also a leading name in the field of graphic designing. The firm, which is based in New York was founded by a graphic designer Guru Jeffery Zeldman. The firm, which has too many awards to its credit is widely acclaimed for engaging web environments. The company keeps a good profile with its impressive web designing and development along with user experience consultancy. Happy Cog says: “behind web standards and the place where responsive design began.”

If your visitors don’t like your website experience, your competitors are just a click away. So always hire a reputed graphic design agency. Whenever you are to hire a graphic agency for any kind of work, first of all, we check its portfolios to know about its age, experience, and the previous track record. The previous track record of the company influences our decision whether we should hire the agency or look for some other one.


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