Become a Certified Lash Extension Service Provider

Eyelash extensions are a modern and beautiful way of lengthening lashes. Mink, silk, or synthetic eyelashes are individually attached to each natural lash for a full, feathery flutter. Thickening eyelashes can also have medical purposes, Rather than wearing false eyelashes, which can only be worn temporarily and have to be re-applied daily using glue on the eyelid, eyelash extensions last for as long as the life of each natural lash. They must, however, be applied by a certified lash extension service provider to ensure that the process is done safely and effectively. Because of the strength of the glue, neither the adhesive nor the lash extension should touch the skin.


To become a certified lash extension service provider, it’s important to train with ahigh quality training facility, and then use the best quality products for your clients. If you are interested in becoming a lash stylist, here are some things to know.

  1. Find a well-respected, high quality training facility in your area. The training should include both theory and practice, and be taught by certified instructors. Sanitation guidelines and methods, testing for allergies, bonding technique and removal technique are all important aspects of your lash extension education.
  2. Become familiar with local and national health standards. Health Canada standards state that cyano-acrylate adhesives, which are used for lash extensions, should only be sold to the beauty professional and not to individual consumers. Warnings are placed on the container to state that it is solely for use by trained professionals, the eye must be immobilized and protected during application, and that it bonds to skin instantly. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US have similar standards and warnings. Using a different adhesive that is not approved by these agencies can cause allergic reactions.
  3. Get feedback. Most training facilities will approve you based on the lash models you have practiced on during your training in order to obtain certification. But even following your certification, it’s important to keep learning. Ask for advice and feedback from clients and other professionals to help you become the best lash extension stylist you can be.
  4. Use high quality products. A beauty professional is only as good as his or her products and technology, so make sure you give your clients the best quality lash extensions and use the best quality adhesives. Be sure that all products are hypoallergenic and made to last. This will make your clients look and feel great, plus they will keep coming back and recommend your service to others.

Being a certified lash extension service provider is easier than you may think! If you’re interested, then be sure to stop by lashforevercanada.comand you can see how easy it is to get started. Not only will you learn valuable beauty skills, but you will provide your clients with a way to love their look even more and save them time in their daily beauty routine, plus provide a revenue boost for your business. In-depth training and practice, maintaining health and safety standards, being open to feedback, and always using excellent quality products will help you become a lash stylist that everyone wants to call their own.

Another benefit of having these skills is that you can become your own boss. You can start finding clients on your own, providing them with the services and products they would expect from a high end beauty salon. With the ability to be your own boss, you can also make your own hours, write off expenses and best of all, grow your business! The beauty industry offers many amazing opportunities, don’t be afraid to explore them!

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