Are you wondering how you can ship your vehicle from state to country?

Well, sometimes it’s challenging to transport your car due to the cumbersome processes that are needed before moving it. You may be tempted to surrender due to the numerous tasks which are time-consuming. Maybe, you may decide never to ship a car, but some circumstances may force you in shipping a car from state to state. It’s impossible to move a car from a state to state but what if the country is far away? You will waste your time. The best and appropriate way of shipping your car properly is through reliable auto shipping companies.

Benefits Of Shipping Companies

Shipping companies will ensure that:

  1. No damages while delivering it to your home-no paint chips, no dent, no scratches, NO NOTHING!
  2. Your car will be delivered on time. When your car lates by some hours, that’s right but when it lates with days, that’s not right. Remember that you’re paying for punctuality also.
  3. You are not overcharged by your auto transporter without any genuine reason. Your transporters are not professionals in shipping because they are dealing with sales. Shipping companies are professionals.
  4. You don’t experience any problem while shipping your car. Of course, you want your car to arrive in safety and that precisely what you are paying the company for.

How Can You Know The Best Shippers?

The world offers thousands of shippers who promise heaven, but the problem is, which shipper is reliable and who will help you in shipping a car from state to state properly?

Finding that top-rated shipper is all you should look for. Let me lead you to find a reliable auto shipper.

  • Experience
    Experience is the best tool used to differentiate between the best shipping companies from mediocre companies. It’s somewhat risky to hire a new company that has not yet taken its time to show its qualities.
    Many years of experience guarantees you smooth shipping from state to state, and your car will be safe.
  • Trustworthiness
    A good relationship is built on trust. Similarly, this business requires you to trust your provider to create a good relationship.
    See, trust results from experience. Communicating alone can’t assure you trust, but hearing from trustworthy and reliable sources give you confidence.
  • Professionalism
    Professionalism is closely related to experience. This is an attitude from doing business in an honest and honorable way that convinces customers that your transportation services are better off other companies. Charging a low price doesn’t guarantee professionalism.
  • Affordability
    You should choose a company that offers the best services on your budget.

Steps Of Finding The Best Shipper

  1. Use car transport quote to estimate your car.
  2. In the transport quote, specify your car’s size, model, condition and the shipping date.
  3. Run the shortlisted companies in the Shippers Review to check their rating. Don’t assume this process.
  4. If your friends or work colleagues recommend you for one of the companies, better go for that.
  5. See the rating and reviews of various excellent auto shippers instead of trusting the first company you come across that promises you they will excellently do the job.
  6. Wait, before taking any action, ask your shortlisted companies any worries or questions regarding your upcoming vehicle transport.

How Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping companies charge differently, but they have something in common, the longer the distance, the cheaper the shipping cost.

Most companies charge approximately $1 per mile for a less than 500 miles. Above 500 miles will cost $0.75 per mile, above 1000 miles require $0.6 while more than 2000miles will cost $0.5 and above 2500 miles costing 0.4.But some factors affect shipping costs.

Factors affecting shipping cost.


Long distances are cheaper compared to short distances because the same price to pick-up and drop-off your car is required even though less time is spent by the carrier.

Enclosed carrier or trailer

Enclosed carriers are cost-effective because they can carry 3-10 vehicles. The enclosed carriers are smaller and can accommodate 2-6 vehicles, but it still takes the same miles and time to ship the cars from point A to point B.

Vehicle type, modification and size

There is a maximum load for safety while shipping. Heavy cars or SUV cost more because they occupy a lot of space that another small car could have filled. If you are transporting a high-value car that needs special treatment, you will pay more than a regular vehicle.

Cars condition

Inoperable cars (that doesn’t run) will cost more because it needs some special attention in picking and dropping it.

Routers popularity

Rural and unknown places will cost more compared to urban places as urban areas have easily accessible highways.

Year’s season

During key seasons like holidays, we expect prices to shoot. Also, some parts may experience floods or hurricanes during specific seasons.

Delivering speed or date

If you need the car to be delivered earlier, you will pay more for express shipping.

How To Prepare Your Car For Shipping?

Congratulations, you’ve managed to get the top-rated shipper. But wait, something small remaining; preparing your car ready for shipping.

Below are some checklist boxes you should tick before your car is shipped.

  1. Wash your car’s exterior well as the interior can be washed after shipping.
  2. Inspect your car thoroughly to see if there are some damages. Take close-up photos to keep as evidence.
  3. See if there are fluid leaks in the engine, underneath the car and the tank.
  4. Inspect the tires- inflame them and leave them in good condition.
  5. The car battery should be well secured and charged.
  6. Leave the emergency break in good condition.
  7. Avoid leaving your personal belongings inside the vehicle; child seats can be left.
  8. Remove all removable external parts like non-permanent rack and leave the standard car equipment like a jack, spare tire, emergency kits, and others. Don’t forget your license plates.
  9. Remove or disable your alarm system.
  10. Remove or fully retract your vehicle’s stigma.
  11. For a convertible vehicle, close and secure the top.

Shipping Is Complete! What Next?

Finally, your car has been successfully delivered to you. What next?

  • Inspect your vehicle to see if there are any damage signs then sign on the condition report and the bill of lading.
  • Register your car as freshly delivered in your new state.
  • Ensure you get the paperwork instantly because the process is easy.
  • Apply for an insurance policy in your current state.

Bottom line

If you are looking to shipping a car from state to state, consider using auto shipping companies. The shipping companies will save your time and ensure that your car reaches you safely. You can use truck or boat methods if you want to save on your budget. Air freight is costly but best if you’re going to ship high valuable, pricey and antique vehicles.

If you have any questions, please ask below!