Are IoT and Hospitality the Best Package for Hotels?

The lodging and leisure industry is reinventing itself constantly. To stay in the competition with higher profits is the aim of every hotel. Hence, designing an exclusive marketing strategy to exhaust the threatening competition requires tremendous brainstorming. The in-depth analysis generated from these sessions points to a change in trend. Studies and observations state that a revolution in the adaptation of technology is on the rise. The hospitality sector now offers greater customer comfort and affordable luxury. The same provided with a dash of technology thrown in. The prime contributor to this technological advancement into the hospitality sector is automation. Powered with the help of a technology called the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is IoT and how does it help the Hospitality Sector?

The ecosystem of connected physical objects that can be accessed through the internet is known as IoT. These objects have the ability to collect and transfer data over a network without the requirement of human assistance or interference. This is possible through an allocated IP address and hence known as the Internet of Things. Industries across the globe are now taking into consideration the data derived from the IoT sensors Through the unbending potential of IoT, optimizing guest experience has become easier by several levels. It is now proven to be the best option that any hotel can offer to its customers. It increases comfortable and customizes guest experience.

IoT in hospitality has unlocked the gates of several possibilities within a very short span of time. Let us get to know more about the ways in which IoT is multiplying the strength of the hospitality sector.

Increased Hotel Efficiency

The many benefits of IoT are not limited to the guests alone. It helps in increased automation and data sharing. It also boosts the level of optimization and productivity for the hospitality sector. This results in cost saving and increases in profits. The hospitality sector has recently implemented the usage of motion-sensitive lights and lighting technology. They are activated based on the amount of natural light present in a suite. A two-fold value of cutting energy costs without depriving the guests of adequate lighting is the wonder of IoT solutions.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Understanding the core of the customer’s behavior and formulating strategies based on the same has never been predictable. With the help of IoT implemented devices and sensors, one can now collect data, which can help generate a preference database. With it, hotels can predict the customer’s preferences based on previous patterns. This helps in personalized customization services for loyal customers. For casual visitors who do not have previous dealings with the outlet, IoT generates new data for the same. IoT analytics helps the hotel industry boost the innovation of new and novel business models. A key factor to keep in mind is that while IoT helps derive information about the guest, it does so without compromising their digital identity and privacy.

Technological Optimization

Virtual Reality is a hidden tool in the hotel’s arsenal. With it, guests do not need to leave their hotel rooms, yet can enjoy the many virtual tours. This gimmicky seeming solution helps pique their interest. This, in turn, helps them decide to visit or order from local establishments. Also, IoT enabled devices can prompt them with information on the best tourist attractions, best restaurant on a budget, the most tourist-friendly beaches etc. Location-based suggestions are a technological trend. IoT intelligence makes it effortless for the hospitality sector to generate crucial information to a mass of guests.

IoT Escalation

Operation management, supply chain optimization, equipment maintenance are a few processes that are simplified by IoT. Integration of the CRM (Customer relationship management) and ERP (Enterprise resource planning) on the internet can now be in real time. Sending quotes, managing inventory, controlling paid and unpaid invoices along with key business management operations can now be done in a breeze. With IoT enabled sensors in place, alerts and notifications can be raised before an issue escalates. The maintenance personnel will receive a notification that will alert them about the issues at hand which can be dealt with accordingly. Priorities of the service staff get clarified and help increase productivity. Data maintenance without the risk of compromising security is an optimum feature.

Quality Audit and Tracking

The priority of the hospitality sector is to meet the basic requirements of the customers on an everyday basis. A strong network of computers keeps track of the quality of everyday activities. IoT notifies and helps improve hotel operations by utilizing their resources. Customers today are trigger happy in reviewing hotels and places they visit on social media. IoT helps keep a track of these reviews too and makes reaching out to disgruntled guests a breeze.


When IoT blends with the hospitality sector, it enables owners to take their optimization to the next level. The IoT sensors collect data from different devices and help the managerial force to design unique guest experience formulas. Similarly, operational aspects, such as automation and real-time data, are a value-added bonus. With IoT in the hospitality sector has reached new heights and shall continue to do so in the future.

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