An Unbiased Absolute Aircon Review

My aircon was not cooling my room anymore like it used to. Also, there were leaks, so that got me concerned. Perhaps, one reason for that is because my air con is 12 years old. However, I was thinking twice about replacing it since a new one costs a lot of money. I thought about getting it repaired, so I called severalair-con repair companiesto ask for their opinion. Unfortunately, most of them suggested I get a new air-con, and they were not consistent when naming the issue. A lot of friends suggestedAbsolute Aircon, so I called them, and here is what I experienced:


@bsolute Aircon was pretty honest when it came to diagnosing the problems of the air con. They were not like other companies who would invent problems so that they can charge you more money. I definitely wanted to know the true problem, and you can tell they are telling the truth. They pointed out what exactly is causing the aircon to leak water, and they told me that I needed to have it replaced. Looking at the part, it was so old that I should have gotten it replaced a long time ago. No wonder the air con was not working.


Everyone was pretty friendly, from the person I inquired with over the phone up to the technicians who came to the house. They were not shy about explaining what the true problem is. Those are the qualities of a good aircon technician since you should not be the type who does not say a word then charges a lot after the repair. They definitely asked my permission when they were going to remove some parts of the air con. I can sense they were experts, so I gave in to all of their requests. It feels great to be in the presence of professionals who know what they are doing. They were pretty fast, which is what we all want in an aircon technician.


Team 4 serviced my aircon, and they did a great job. From what I saw, the task they did was pretty difficult. Therefore, I applaud them for a job well done. They also used high-quality materials, and they even showed me. They were definitely proud of their materials, so I was confident they would do an awesome job. You can tell @bsolute Aircon has been in the air-con industry for quite some time. Unfortunately, they came a bit late, but that is alright considering the bad weather at that time. In fact, they called in advance to inform me that they would be a few minutes late. Even if they didn’t, I could totally understand, but they did it anyway.

After Service

They made a bit of a mess after they checked up on my aircon. Thankfully, they also have cleaning materials with them. Therefore, they were able to clean up their mess after the repair they made. They even made a bunch of follow-ups to find out if everything was still alright. Thankfully, nothing went wrong after they serviced my aircon. There was no doubt they got the part from a reliable company. Thus, they are also a reliable repair company. It felt great to hire a company that truly cares about your appliance. An aircon is a huge investment, so it was great that more people cared about it.

Final Word

I did not regret hiring @bsolute Aircon for one second. They were very professional from the moment I called them until the air con was repaired. In fact, I would not think twice about recommend them to all of my friends who end up experiencing the same problem. Besides, it is not going to be easy to sleep without any air con.

I can’t really speak for other members of my family, but that is how I feel. Thus, I had to act fast when I knew something was wrong with it. @bsolute Aircon is a company that will definitely impress you in more ways than one. Needless to say, I’m glad I hired them, and I will definitely do it again when the need arises.

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