Advantages of moving with SEKA

movingMoving requires the ability to take prompt and sound decisions. Choosing the moving company to help you keep well-organized is one of the steps where the first impression is quite deceptive. Though, SEKA Moving is ready to gain credibility not only by the first impression but during the process of work as well.

First touch

First, you should get your vision of how your future move should go. It is necessary for every participant in this event because it is the key to the organization. Look at what you have, what you want to do with it, and how. Consider several variations if something goes wrong or it’s impossible to provide the best conditions. Depict the process schematically or make an ordered list of actions to understand it more clearly.

Only after you have got a little, what requirements and wishes you have, call the SEKA office. Using this approach, you build mutual understanding with the salesperson faster, so the interaction goes more efficiently.

There’s also a difference if you call to specify the details or learn about prices. For the prices, you can request a quote on the SEKA Moving web page or in the conversation with the sales. If you want to have a detailed consultation, ask for a free estimation. It will make your vision broader.

Finally, it’s better to follow the next steps:

  1. Formulate what you need and want.
  2. Request a quote.
  3. Call to get a consultation about details.
  4. Invite a person for a free estimation to get complete information about your move.

Then, the time to decide comes.


Before deciding on the company you will ask for help, you can compare the services and prices. For that, select two companies and SEKA to learn the difference. The manner is variable – from requesting price lists to inviting representatives for estimation (pay attention if it is free). Consider the services you need to make your move the most well-arranged and the least stressful. Notice if a company tries to impose something – it means in most cases that they have few orders and inconsiderate staff.

Choose the service which made the best impression, and you have the best chances for everything to be perfect.

Pros and cons about SEKA

SEKA Moving has a wide range of services to offer, and the main of them include:

  • working nationwide;
  • long and short-distance moving;
  • meeting individual and commercial needs;
  • transportation and storage services;
  • providing only physical support if no need for transport;
  • insured;
  • trained professionals;
  • any time comfortable for you; etc.

These advantages differ SEKA from other similar companies providing the same services. You can feel it from the very start of the conversation – the SEKA pros speak explicitly to the point, so the customer gets a clear perspective.

In the context of moving to a new place, you can face tons of pitfalls connected with using the movers’ services. But after all, nothing is better than your experience, so choose carefully and consider profoundly.

If you have any questions, please ask below!