A Practical Approach to Cut Printing Costs

printingIt is not uncommon for companies to underestimate or fail to make an accounting of their printing expenses. If your company is one of these, you should know that a company’s expenses for document generation and copying can go as high as 3% of its annual revenues. This is quite significant and if this goes on for years, it can sum up into an amount that might shock you. If you can cut this by about 30%, you can actually save a lot each year to pay for some improvements in your bottom line.

Making savings on printing costs is an angle every business owner wants to look into. But being unfamiliar with its processes, only a few companies succeeded in achieving this goal on their own. Although print management is not rocket science, it would be good to seek the help of knowledgeable persons in order to get the desired results. An expert like someone in the printing business would be the best person who can implement a system that can effectively optimize printing and print generation for your company as a whole. In order to make this happen, there are measures you might want to consider.

Consult a professional

Professionals in the printing industry refer to IT experts and providers of managed print services. They are the ones who have the most in-depth knowledge of printing solutions and resources including supplies, hardware, software and technology. Before hiring printing solutions professionals, you should allow them to see your printing environment. This will give them the opportunity to do an in-depth analysis and evaluation of your current printing system and identify areas that need improvement.

With the help of a competent MPS provider, your printing environment will be utilized to its fullest potential. Wastes will be minimized or eliminated and the cost of your printing consumables will reduce significantly. A well-managed printing system has access to sources of cheap printing supplies. It will surely lead you to the right supplier. It eliminates unnecessary printing jobs and keeps all printing equipment monitored and under control. It can certainly help your company save a lot of money and increase your revenue.

Get someone to analyze your printing expenses

Making savings on printing supplies does not revolve solely on buying cheap printing materials and consumables. Printing involves a lot more than these and this includes waste elimination, printer optimization, reduction of printer down times, and productivity improvement. All these can boil down to lesser costs and maximized output. However, determining these things requires someone with knowledge and experience. Providers of managed print services are arguably one of the most qualified experts who can do the job.

Consider print management solutions

At this point, you might already be aware that managing a printing infrastructure is not limited to using cheap printing supplies. It’s a bit more complicated. A lot of factors actually play a part in the costs involved in a company’s printing department. This includes uncontrolled use of printing materials, unproductive IT staff, printer downtimes and the absence of remote printing capability.

If you consider seeking the assistance of managed print services providers, the results will certainly amaze you. When you deal with a MPS provider, one of the first steps they do is ask you for details about your present printing infrastructure. This will enable them to find the best solutions to optimize your printing processes at the least possible costs.

Unnecessary costs, low productivity and mediocre hardware output are the most common problems in the print environment. These have been going on for years but most businesses simply ignore them. Many companies simply do not realize that they’ve been losing about one to two percent of their annual revenue due to a poorly managed printing infrastructure.

With the discovery of print management solutions, printing wastes will stop and hardware and human resources will be maximized. All these will translate into savings and added revenues. Tapping the service of printing solution experts involves a certain cost, but it is just a fraction of what your company can save in the long haul.


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