5 Ways to Help Migrant Workers in Nigeria

For those who aren’t particularly familiar with Africa, it may come as a surprise to learn that Nigeria has the continent’s largest economy. In fact, it holds the 26th highest slot in terms of worldwide economic sizes. Because of this, Nigeria is bustling with migrant workers. Unfortunately, conditions and pay for these individuals isn’t ideal, to say the least. Nigeria holds one of the highest international amounts of people living under one dollar and ninety cents a day. If you’re interested in helping these migrant workers, here are five tasks you can undergo.

1. Donate Money

The simplest and arguably most effective way of helping is to send money to Nigeria. Whether it’s to a fund you support or a specific person, the money you give is almost sure to make a world of difference. If you’d like to direct money specifically to migrant workers, these are a few charities that help migrants worldwide:

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Amnesty International
  • International Rescue Committee

If you want to help those in Nigeria, here are some charities to look at:

  • Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation
  • Poverty Relief
  • Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation

Do thorough research to ensure that your money will be used correctly. If it is, you will have done a great service for someone in need.

2. Volunteer

While money is extremely helpful, not everyone has funds to spare. However, most people have time. This is where volunteering comes in handy. Even if you’re miles away from Nigeria, you can still volunteer your time to help the workers there. Mailing and technology allow for aid to come from all over the world. Look for a nonprofit that addresses these issues. Chances are that the organization is suffering under a pile of work. After all, it can be difficult to amass recruits when you can’t pay employees. By volunteering your time and energy, you can help the workers at a nonprofit deliver support faster than previously possible.

3. Give Equipment

Migrant workers are often relegated to the most dangerous jobs available. This is because native people don’t often want these positions, and thus leave each one to those that are desperate. Unfortunately, this can result in several workplace injuries. In order to combat potential wounds, you can donate protective equipment and basic workplace supplies to those that may not be given it. Find a nonprofit with the ability to deliver the items correctly. No one should have to risk extreme injury or death just to get paid.

4. Do Research

Those who are living on next to nothing aren’t helped by anyone’s ignorance. You can’t assist migrant workers if you don’t understand what any are going through. If this is a topic that sparks your compassion and interest, give it your time. Read available reports and analyze data. This task may seem boring, but it’s essential to keeping the topic relevant and understood.

5. Share Information

You may not have substantial time, money, and energy to spend, but your friend might. This is why it’s vital to share the information you’ve learned. Spread knowledge about the issue to everyone you know. Fortunately, social media has made this easier than ever. Simply find a relevant article, attach your own thoughts to it, and post the finished product online. Anyone who follows you will be able to see it and address the issue.

Nigeria is a vital player in creating global success for Africa. Its migrant workers are a key part of this. Therefore, making sure each one has proper living conditions is both humane and economically profitable for Africa. You may not be able to do much, but small amounts of help from a large amount of people will add up. Give what you can and stay informed.

If you have any questions, please ask below!