5 Steps to Locating The Perfect Self Storage Facility

refregWhether you need to store some items from your home or you are running a business that needs some serious storage space to help expand, grow and push forward your company goals, you might now be considering using the services of a self storage facility to solve the space issues you have.

With the rise in demand for storage and self storage facilities over the past 10 years, there are now more and more popping up all over the country, from the large chains through to the smaller, independent facilities. This makes finding a suitable location on one hand easier, but on the other, it does mean you have more of a choice and therefore need to spend some decent time picking the right one to store with.

According to Bristol based company “Thornbury Self Storage” (, here are 5 nice and simple steps that you can take to make sure you find the perfect self-storage facility according to your requirements.

Choose Your Location

This might seem such an obvious point to make, but you will be surprised how many people get this just so wrong when it comes to choosing a self storage facility to store with. You need to draw up a list of some locations as to where you would be happy to store, as when it comes to be big cities like Bristol, London or Manchester, storing on the wrong side of the city could take you hours to get to, especially if you have not taken into consideration things like rush hour traffic and other aspects. Try to look as locally as possible (within a 15-minute drive) and then expand your search by five miles at a time, as not only is this realistic, it also means you are getting the closest facilities to consider first.

Know Your Requirements

This is really important. The price you pay on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis will be determined by how much space you need, as every self storage facility will generally have a range of different options in terms of storage units and the sizes that are available. Ranging from small through to vehicle storage sizes, most of the facilities will have options to store pretty much everything you need to, so it is vital you know how much space you need to get the right unit and therefore the right price. Although you can always increase or decrease the space you need, it is still better to write a list of what you plan to store and the sizes of these items so that you can get the most accurate fit and price from day one.

Make A Short List

The next step is to make use of the Internet, local newspapers and of course recommendations from friends, family and colleagues to draw up a shortlist of potential self storage facilities that might be a good solution for you. As we mention in the location part, aim for close to home at first and then expand your search should you need to, as obviously, a storage unit 5 miles from your home is better than one 15 miles away, in terms of access and ease of use. Once you have your shortlist, you can then move onto the next steps of getting some prices and then finally making your decision.

Get Some Quotes

Once you have been through your short list of potential self storage facilities, you have checked out the websites and maybe have even visited the facility, it is now time to make sure you get some quotes from each of them. This is the main reason why knowing your requirements, as we discussed above, in terms of space needed is crucial, as if you want accurate quotes you will need to know the size of the unit you need to store your items. Even if you get this part slightly wrong, you can always increase your storage requirements at a later date, but, you need to make sure you get comparable and realistic quotes based on your current needs.

Ask About Offers

Most self storage companies will offer a range of discounts, from the first month free through to discounts for minimum hire lengths, so never be afraid to ask if there are any special offers currently available should you decide to store with them. Just because they are not on the website or in the email you receive, does not mean they do not exist, so always ask the question and never just assume you cannot save a few pounds here and there.

If you have any questions, please ask below!