5 Cash Transportation Tips for Cannabis Retailers

As cannabis retailers begin to pop up all over the country, it’s important to have a solid plan for transporting large amounts of cash. Here are five transportation tips for cannabis retailers to help you stay safe and secure while moving your cash.

1. Plan Ahead

You should plan everycash transportin advance. This includes mapping your route, selecting a vehicle, and ensuring you have the proper security measures. Knowing where you’re going and what you’re doing will help you stay calm and collected during the transport. It will also prevent mistakes that could put you and your cash at risk. When planning your route, avoid areas known for crime or challenging to get out of if something goes wrong.

2. Choose the Right Vehicle

When selecting a vehicle for cash transport, choose one large enough to hold all of the cash you need to transport but not so large that it’s challenging to maneuver. You should also consider the security features of the vehicle. They include:

Alarm System

The vehicle should have an alarm system activated when the cash is being loaded or unloaded. This will help to deter any would-be thieves who might be lurking around.

GPS Tracking

AGPS tracking systemcan be valuable if your vehicle is stolen. It can help law enforcement locate the vehicle and recover the cash. These are important factors that will help you keep your cash safe.

3. Use Multiple Vehicles

If you’re transporting a large amount of cash, it’s best to use multiple vehicles. This would spread the risk if something happened to one of them. Have a good idea to have a few people with you during the transport so you can take turns driving and resting. When transporting cash in multiple vehicles, communicate with each other, so everyone knows where they are and what they’re doing.

4. Have the Right Security Measures in Place

Before you even start your cash transport, you need to ensure that you have the proper security measures. This includes having a locked box or container to store the cash in and ensuring that your vehicle is locked and secure. You should also have a way to defend yourself in case of an attack. This could be a weapon, pepper spray, or a security system.

5. Hire Security

When transporting large amounts of cash, hiring security is always a good idea. This can be in the form of armed guards or simply having someone drive you to and from your destination. Hiring security will help to ensure that your cash transport goes smoothly and that you’re not putting yourself at risk. The factors you should consider when hiring your security team include:

Training and Experience

Your security team should be properly trained and experienced in cash transport. They should know how to handle themselves in case of an attack and be able to protect the cash.

Reliable Transportation

Your security team should have their own reliable transportation. This will help ensure that they can get to you quickly in case of an emergency.

Proper Licensing and Insurance

Your security team should be properly trained, licensed, and insured. This will protect you from any liability if something were to happen while they are guarding your cash.


Cannabis cashtransportation can be a risky business and a tempting target for criminals. But by following these tips, you can help ensure that your cash transport goes smoothly and that you’re not putting yourself at risk. With the right planning and security measures in place, you can transport your cash safely and securely.

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