4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hire Online “Man & Ute” Movers

rfeqrferHiring a “man & ute” from a classifieds website or online marketplace can seem like a cost-effective alternative to getting professional removalists in to do the job. But while the cost may be lower, the risks are much higher when it comes to this type of working arrangement!

In this blog, we’ve outlined three key reasons you should steer clear of unofficial removalists so that you and your possessions stay safe during and after your move!

1. No Identification Verification

Websites like Airtasker and Gumtree don’t require any identification from users before they start advertising their services.

So, unless you’re going to insist on carrying out a police or background check yourself, there’s virtually no way you can know who you’re hiring to move your possessions.

If anything does go wrong, whether it be missing, broken or unmoved items or something more serious like threatening behaviour, you may find yourself unable to determine the identity of the person who has wronged you.

The dangers of trusting independent operators with your possessions and access to your home aren’t imaginary either. While figures for Australia are unavailable, in the UK police receive an average of 250 crime and fraud allegations connected to Gumtree every single week.

2. No Recourse for Wrongdoing

If your goods go missing, don’t expect the digital platform where you found your mover to pick up the slack.

Generally speaking, online classifieds and marketplaces limit their liability when it comes to agreements between individuals as much as possible.

At most, the offending account holder will have their account suspended and, if you’ve used a platform like Airtasker that holds the money in escrow, you’ll be issued a refund which may or may not cover the cost of the goods that were stolen.

And, while you can always issue a scathing review of the offending “removalist”, you’ll have to take up anything related to criminal or civil misconduct with the police, your lawyer, your insurer, or all three!

3. No Contract Means No Guarantees

Most of the time when you hire a man and ute online, your contract will be either a verbal agreement over the phone or a few lines in an email or text message.

While, on the surface it may seem like a good idea to cut the red tape when moving, not having a contract that specifies the terms and conditions of the job leaves both you and the person you’re hiring exposed to costly mishaps.

For example, do you know what you’d do if the person you hire:

  • Withholds your goods until you pay additional fees for petrol or labour?
  • Damages your goods in transit?
  • Doesn’t turn up after you’ve paid a deposit?
  • Arrives late and doesn’t carry out the job efficiently?
  • Is injured while carrying out your job?

If you don’t have the terms of your contract in writing, you may find yourself much more out of pocket than if you’d just hired a professional removalist in the first place!

4. No Transit Insurance Or No Damage Guarantee.

When using cheap removalists you can almost be assured that 99% of the time they will not have any transit insurance or a No Damage Guarantee. Transit insurance covers you for collision, fire, and theft.

So if the driver crashes none of your furniture will be insured at all! Can you imagine the driver crashing and losing all your prized posse ions? All to save a $100. I personally would never take that risk.

Plus ad in the fact that they don’t have a No Damage Guarantee this means if they scratch, dent, Chip or break something none of it will be covered. I hear many stories from people who have tried to go the cheaper option only to find out, in the end, it cost them much more in Broken and damaged Furniture.

Please consider all the above facts when selecting a removalist for your next removal.

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