4 Maintenance Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Commercial Air Conditioner

Commercial air conditioning systems and heating systems can make up a decent percentage of most business’s energy bills, and therefore, increasing your commercial air conditioner’s energy efficiency can save a business a lot of money. Keeping your commercial air conditioning units maintained and working correctly will enable them to be more efficient, and subsequently save costs. In this article, we have compiled a list of our top 4 maintenance tips to help you make your company’s air conditioning more efficient and cost-saving.

1. Check your ductwork system

If your commercial air conditioner units are older, or you are located in an older building, then the chances are that the system of ducts used to ventilate your property may not be working to their full potential. Some ducts may have leaks or be lacking insulation which can lead to energy being wasted, resulting in higher utility bills. If there is a leak, your air conditioner will need to work harder to make up for air that is lost, decreasing its efficiency overall. Engaging a professional air conditioner company to look at your ductwork, identify any leaks and then seal them, will help reduce any energy wastage.

2. Clean or replace your air conditioner filters

The filters in your commercial air conditioning systems can become dirty, and therefore block airflow. This will reduce the efficiency of the unit over time and also potentially damage its functionality. It is recommended that you clean the filters once every three months in order to avoid the blockage of airflow. This can potentially reduce energy waste by as much as 10%. There are professional companies that provide this service if you are unsure of where to start.

3. Install a thermostat that can be programmed

Adding a thermostat to your commercial air conditioning systems can increase the efficiency of your system significantly. The thermostat can be programmed to change the temperatures at certain times, even when the workplace is not manned. For instance, you can program your commercial air conditioning system to be closer to the temperature outdoors by the end of the workday, and this will allow for your air conditioning system workload to be reduced.

4. Implement a Zoning System

With each workplace having different cooling requirements, implementing a zoned system according to temperature can help improve commercial air conditioner efficiency. A workspace with higher traffic, for instance, will require a larger cooling requirement compared to a conference room that is rarely occupied. Implementing a temperature zoning system will help you distribute cooled air more efficiently throughout a premise, in accordance with the needs and preferences of each room.

Abiding by these four basic maintenance tips can significantly improve your commercial air conditioning efficiency. Furthermore, having a regular maintenance program for your commercial air conditioner will help improve your overall air conditioner efficiency and performance.

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