15 YouTube Channels Every Filmmaker Should Watch

The best advice a filmmaker can get to improve and develop in the industry is to go out and start working. The idea is great provided that you know something about the filmmaking. Moreover, after you make a couple of crappy films, there will be a moment when you will thirst for new knowledge, techniques, and tricks.

In the past, people aiming at becoming amazing in filmmaking were learning on their own mistakes or going to the universities to learn wisdom. In the modern world of technological advancements, Red Rock Entertainment experts remind that any problem you might face or question you will have is already resolved and answered in the Web. So instead of spending time on checking funny pictures on Facebook, go to YouTube and watch extremely useful blogs and vlogs for filmmakers of all kinds, genres, and fields of interest. Below you will find a selection of the most useful YT channels for filmmakers.

Best for indie filmmakers

There are two main YouTube channels for indie filmmakers: Film Riot and Indy Mogul. Film Riot is a place where jokes mixed with wisdom and unique information are delivered in the accessible and easy-to-use format. Every video here includes useful tips and tricks for any indie filmmaker. The host here is Ryan Connolly who has a proven track record, so can be considered a reliable source to learn from.

Indie Mogul has been the fount of knowledge for ages. For some time, the channel has not been releasing new tutorials but it is back and alive for now! Whatever silly question you may have about filmmaking, there is an answer for it and Indie Mogul.

For every filmmaker

PremiumBeat is the place where everyone will find something useful. Whether you need advice on the After Effects or have a question what DaVinci Resolve is, you will find them all here. The tutorials here are for filmmakers of all levels of experience and knowledge base. You can find here tutorials, inspiration, insights on cinematography, and many more.

For beginners and learners

Zach Ramelan gives the best tips for beginners. He offers his own experience in modern videography, vlogging, and producing to his audience. Whether you are at the very beginning of your career or just in love with the cinema concept, you will find Zach’s YouTube channel entertaining and useful.

In case you are learning filmmaking as an art form and are curious about history, FilmmakerIQ is the channel to follow. It tells about the hard facts of this industry and the basic concepts essential for anyone inside. The interesting and trustworthy hosts, like Todd Blankenship, make this channel of great quality and use.

For those filmmakers who do not like strictness and hard science, there is with its cool tutorials created with fun and information inside. While checking the examples of the latest music videos and features, Jordy and the team are explaining the concept and the technology behind in simple terms while not keeping the videos as lectures. Such a format is ideal for those in need of some break.

For the production process tricks

Production consists of a wide number of elements: from gear to the work of light and sound. Here are a couple of great channels dedicated to every aspect of this complex process.

Deity Microphones tell everything one needs to know about audio recording in filmmaking. And the great point here is that whether you are a one-man filmmaker or a huge team, these videos will adequately prepare every kind of expert. The channel also focuses on the budget opportunities of effective audio capture.

Both Brandon Washington and the guys from Potato Jet focus on gear reviews and the best applications of different gear types. The latter channel mostly reviews the hot arrivals to the market so it can help you select the best gear for your next project. Brandon Washington focuses not only on reviews but on the application of the new gear emerging around. He tells about the photography and editing as well as hands-on gear reviews with visual demonstrations of the market novelties.

Light tricks and knowledgebase are saved in the depths of Aputure’s channel. The team of experts in film light continue developing one of the greatest and most useful light-focused channels on YouTube. They talk and demonstrate lighting setups and explain the best positions to shoot at a particular light. The videos are based on their personal professional experience coupled with detailed explanations. If you want to learn it all about light in filmmaking, then Aputure’s channel is your Holy Grail.

Grip Tips channel includes tricks and tips for those already in the industry. The information offered here may seem to be simple and straight, yet in reality, it is timeless. The hosts talk about the technical side of filmmaking, such as stands, Low Boys, Hitches and other useful tricks that can save the day.

The Film Look is also a channel talking about film production from A to Z. It covers all aspects of production: from gear and light to the tricks on camerawork and editing. This is a place that answers all the questions and can be perfect guidance for a DIY filmmaker.

There is also one channel that would come in handy if you seek assistance with financing. Unfortunately, there is not that much information about funding or financing your next film project on the web, says Gary Collins from Red Rock Entertainment Ltd. However, you can find videos related to opening your own production company or QA sessions that cover film financing topics inside. Check Jordan P. Anderson’s channel for such content.

Of course, this list of 13 YouTube channels related to filmmaking can be continued and continued. There are guys from CookeOpticsTV who showcase their amazing cinematographic work and then reveal some tricks about it or Sonduck Films who can help with the post-production troubles one may have. The video space is open and all you need to do is type your topic into the search field to get the desired information.

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