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Business Energy Management

world-energyMany businesses and homes across the UK waste vast amounts of energy when really there is no need to. There are ways to effectively sustain energy sufficiently through carefully planned energy management.

The whole aim of planning to create an effective energy management campaign is to save as much energy as possible and therefore saving costs. Just think about the number of times you have wasted energy and the amount of money lost through that wasted energy. There are plans and practices that can be put into place to help reduce wasted energy of businesses.

Following are some key steps to help you successfully manage energy in both the workplace and at home…

Business Energy Management

Every business will use different levels of energy and must realize that the same energy plan may work for one business but not for another; different appliances, circumstances and size of business all contribute massively to this factor.

However, business management is important and over the next decade, prices of energy and the effect energy has on the environment will affect our immediate surroundings and our pockets. Therefore, every business should look into how they can effectively manage their energy and if they already have a policy in place for saving energy, they should take another look into how their policy works and if the plan of saving energy is efficient as it can be; new technologies are developing all of the time, so be sure to keep up to date.

Committed Senior Management for Energy Plans

If you have a business and are looking for ways to improve your energy usage then you will need all senior management to be on side to make changes and take proper actions where and when necessary. Without backing from the board of directors or senior levels of management, saving energy and having a plan in place will not make any difference in company’s energy policy.

Business Energy Policy

Every business, no matter how large or small should have a written energy policy that is no longer than a couple of pages long and should state how the company adheres to certain aspects such as environment impacts, their policy on saving energy and how they go about doing so. It is important these days to have corporate social responsibility policies as this shows the public and investors the kind of business you are and that you are ethical in terms of ‘doing you're bit for the environment'. Some businesses have adopted cycle to work schemes and incentivize employees to do so; this sends a great message out.

Business Energy Strategy

This is where businesses need to carry out the tasks that have been planned and put in place and is a key part in maintaining a successful energy management service. An energy strategy may include the following:

  • Resources - make sure the resources available are good enough in terms of effectiveness and would those resources cost too much? Also are there any pieces of equipment that would help preserve energy or make energy used be renewable. There are different types of energy saving equipment available and may be worth investing in for the short and long term.
  • Make sure the business is in compliance with any laws and regulations that come into practice regarding energy and the management of energy.
  • Ensure that equipment and the building itself are taken into consideration when looking at energy efficiency levels and the cost implications.

Resources for saving energy should be researched properly and if in doubt, a business should contact an appropriate body or person; energy management consultant etc.

Remember that energy is a very important factor in our daily lives and wastage is not acceptable now due to socio-economic, environmental and cost impacts not only on businesses but also the public.

MR. Sean has been in and provided advice to businesses regarding environmental and energy management services as well as asbestos removal for over 25 years.

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