Why You Should Attend Traffic School

drivingMost car accidents are caused by careless and irresponsible drivers. There are a lot of drivers on the road that drive recklessly and aggressively, run red lights, don’t obey speed limits and traffic signals and signs, or drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If more drivers attended traffic school, the number of car accidents would be significantly reduced and traffic safety would be improved. There are lots of benefits of attending traffic school, but the most significant one is probably the fact that it can make you a better and safer driver. On top of that, it can help you save money on auto insurance, and it keeps your driving record clean.

A typical traffic school course consists of lessons on safe driving and traffic regulations. If you decide to attend a traffic school, you will learn various defensive driving techniques, and you will find out what traffic rules and regulations you have to follow. Most traffic schools allow you to take the course online, on top of the option to go to the school in person, which is quite convenient.

Keeps Your Driving Record

One of the most common reasons why drivers go to traffic school is to remove demerit points from their licenses. For every traffic ticket you get, a certain number of points are added to your license, and if you accumulate too many points in a certain period of time, your license will be suspended or revoked. This means that you can keep your driving record clean, which will help you get auto insurance discounts. You can also avoid paying a traffic ticket by going to traffic school.

You Get Insurance Discounts

A lot of insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who attend a traffic school course, even if they haven’t gotten a ticket. If you provide your car insurance company with a proof of a completed traffic school course, they will consider you to be a safe driver and will offer you lower insurance premiums. Also, attending traffic school indirectly keeps your premiums down by helping you get your traffic tickets dismissed.

It Helps You Become a Safe Driver

A traffic school course helps you stay safe on the road, by teaching you the basic rules of the road. This means that you will get familiar with the traffic laws, and understand what various traffic signs and signals mean, which will help you avoid collisions. In addition, you will learn various defensive driving techniques, which comes in very handy when you are out on the road and you have to deal with road rage, as well as aggressive and reckless drivers.

Brush Up On Your Driving Skills

If you feel like you need to refresh your knowledge on safe driving, because you haven’t been driving for a couple of years, or you have been abroad for a long time and you need help to adapt to the American driving style, you should go to traffic school. It can also help you get up to speed with new traffic laws, or changes to the existing traffic laws, which do tend to undergo frequent changes. Also, laws vary from state to state, so if you move to another state, this is a good way to get familiar with laws that apply in that state.

Increases Your Chances of Finding a Job

As previously mentioned, attending traffic school keeps your driving record clean. Aside from lowering your insurance premiums, a clean driving record can help your job search, as well. There are lots of jobs that require background checks, and most of them involve driving a company vehicle. If you manage to get your driving record clean by going to traffic school, you’ll have better chances of getting a driving job, since companies are obviously looking for a safe driver, who won’t do any damage to their company property, and a clean driving record is the best proof of that.

Jordan Perch is an automotive fanatic and "safe driving" specialist. He is a writer for a collaborative community designed to help ease the stress and annoyance of "dealing with the DMV".

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