Why are electric car charging stations expanding?

There’s no need to do a lot of research to affirm that the adoption of electric transportation is on the rise. From buses to electric cars, more and more EVs are on the road. Along with this, an increasing number of electric car charging stations are needed and being built in the United States.

There are many reasons for encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles instead of regular vehicles. Among them is pollution. Vehicles that we have been using for decades emit gasses which are harmful to the environment as well as to individuals. To continue to promote more people to buy electric cars instead of regulars, and for truck and bus fleets to go electric, there needs to be more electric car charging stations around.

Is electric transportation the future of mobility?

During 2021, more than six million electric vehicles have been sold worldwide. There’s no doubt about the steady growth of electric transportation, and how charging stations need to keep up with this growing popularity.

When talking about electric transportation, we’re referring to any kind of transport that runs only on electricity. These include cars, trucks, trams, or trains, for example. In the case of trams and trains, electricity has been used for many years. Not so for buses, cars, and trucks.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector accounts for 29% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions. This indicates that it is the largest contributor to this type of harmful discharge. Changing the type of fuel used to power vehicles is critical to reducing that percentage and, therefore, protecting the environment and society as a whole.

Among other reasons why electric vehicles are the future, we can find the following:

Reducing large GEI emissions

Relying on electric buses and trucks will contribute to big emission reductions. As large vehicles, they are also large emitters.

Reduced money spent in the long term

While buying an electric car today may mean a more expensive investment, these vehicles require less maintenance. This translates into less money spent on replacement parts and at the mechanic.

The same can apply to trucks or buses.

Reduced noise pollution

Noise emanating from cars, buses and all conventional means of transportation can be reduced by using electric vehicles.

EVs are extremely quiet, contributing to a better life quality for everyone.

How to find charging stations for electric cars

Many people who are thinking of buying an electric car ask themselves “Are there electric car charging stations near me?” The same thing happens to companies that are considering changing their fleet of buses or trucks for electric ones.

It’s natural to be hesitant. But the good news is that there will be better electric transportation, as there will be an increasing number of EV charging points to provide safety for drivers.

Within this scenario, at EVCS we are committed to bringing charging points closer to drivers. Plus, to find an easy way for them to easily locate the closest charging station to where they are driving.

For this purpose, we’ve developed an app that includes an interactive map to find charging stations for electric vehicles. This map can also be used from the web, and searches can be done by zip code, address or by typing the name of a city.

In addition to the interactive map, with this app, users can track their charging activity.

Having a tool like this allows people to feel more secure when choosing an electric car over a conventional one. Planning any kind of trip in an EV is now really easy and makes everyone feel safe about driving this type of vehicle.

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