What Not To Do when Parking Your Car


We have all seen those types of people that park carelessly, earning them the label, “a bad parker.” Maybe they park poorly on purpose to make a statement. Maybe they do not remember learning in Drivers Ed that you can’t park in front of a driveway, intersection, or on a sidewalk.

Whatever the reason, we can learn from bad parkers. Here are some different “bad parking” situations.

Taking up Two Parking Places

You know those types of people: the ones who take up two parking places, just to make a statement. Usually it’s an “I don’t care if I break the parking rule” attitude. Well, these types of parkers can be annoying, especially if there is a lack of available parking. Do not park in two parking places unless you have a huge vehicle and need to for the extra space.

Not Staying in the Lines

The types of people who park outside the lines perhaps do not pay attention or never learned how to adjust their car to park in the lines. This is considered bad parking because it leaves every parker who parks next, make sure they don’t park too close to the bad parker. A good parking tip: stay inside the lines because they are there for a reason.

Parking In Front of a Driveway

There’s nothing more frustrating than someone who blocks a driveway. This does not even mean someone who deliberately blocks the entire driveway, but someone who blocks half the driveway to where everyone who tries to get past the car has to maneuver clear into the neighbor’s yard. Parking in front of a driveway is inconsiderate. This is considered bad parking.

Parking Too Far Away From the Curb

Parallel parking can be tricky, no doubt; it takes skill and practice, being one of the most difficult aspects ofDrivers Ed. However, many times novice parallel parkers simply park too far away from the curb, which causes confusion and even danger for all cars coming and going. If you are not comfortable with parallel parking, practice it thoroughly before you are in a real live parallel parking situation. Don’t park too far away from the curb; doing so is a great example of bad parking.

Parked Facing the Wrong Way

Sometimes people will park the wrong way, which is illegal and it means a ticket will be given. Parking the wrong way implies that you were driving the wrong way which causes a lot of danger. Make sure you never do this if you want to be considered a good parker.

Parking in the Red Zone in Front of Stores

Right in front of most stores there is a “red zone” which means a fire lane. No one is supposed to park there because it is reserved for emergencies. Still, we see people parking there all the time. Maybe they are waiting for someone in the store, or perhaps they are just too lazy to find a parking space and walk into the store. Either way, parking in this area is dangerous and illegal.

Parking in a Handicapped Spot

Sometimes it can be difficult finding a parking space immediately around the destination you need, and you find yourself repeatedly circling the parking lot. It might be tempting to snag that handicapped spot for just a couple of minutes, however it is important to keep in mind that parking in a handicapped spot without a permit is illegal under any circumstance. Parking spots are strategically placed and designated areas for those with handicap permits distributed by the city, and must stay available for those who really need the space.

Double Parking

Oftentimes people will resolve their quest to find a parking spot by double parking. Double parking is when one car completely blocks in another either by parking parallel to another car, or immediately behind them, giving the other person absolutely no room to back out of their parking spot. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also incredibly rude and inconsiderate. Be sure to never double park; spend the extra couple of minutes looking for a proper parking space.

As you can see, we can learn from bad parkers. All these bad parking examples can be turned into tips on parking. What other parking tips do you have?

If you have any questions, please ask below!