Warning Signs That Point at the Malperformance of Your Car Engine

car-engine-231213_960_720When your car fails to deliver optimum performance, it starts showing unique signs to convey that something is not right with it. Even you can have a hard time diagnosing where all these problems are stemming from! But when you know what to listen and look for, resolving your car-ailment gets easier for sure. So waste no more time to help understand your car better with the following pointers, so that your car gets better soon.

#1: Power Loss

This is a classic symptom for vehicles which are run by gas, specifically those having combustion engines. Such car engines have a 4-stroke cycle of combustion that changes gasoline into the energy required to power the vehicle concerned. The four strokes that the engine involves include compression stroke, intake stroke, exhaust stroke and combustion stroke. If your car engine loses power, then it could stem from a hitch from any of the above mentioned strokes in the process of combustion.

#2: Decrease In Gas Mileage

Have you noticed that your car is giving lesser mileage then what it used to do even a few months before? Then again, this can be an indication that something is not right with the compression stroke of your engine! However, such a problem can easily be managed by cleansing the fuel or servicing the fuel system completely.

#3: Noise! More Noise!

Popping sounds, hissing sounds, backfiring sounds, knocking sounds and spitting sounds are not something that you will want to hear while starting the car. Yet they can happen anytime if the combustion flow loses its efficiency. So if you hear noises like these, then waste no minute to get your vehicle serviced.

#4: Checking The Check Engine Light

The C.E light can fail to perform for a number of reasons, including cylinder misfires, lose gas cap, impaired oxygen sensors, decreased flow of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), to name a few.

#4: Stalled Engine

And what can this be actually? Well, when your clutch pedal as well as the gas pedal fails to give the right speed, you car will give in and ‘ask’ for a re-start! This can be a frustrating and embarrassing situation, especially when you are stuck in traffic.

If your engine stalls, regularly, then it does signal that something is wrong with it, while the ‘wrong’ thing might vary from one vehicle to the other. However, in most cases, it is seen to happen because the intake stroke fails to receive the perfect air-fuel mixture, or the required spark. If it happens, see a professional as soon as you can. Any type of delay can lead to more serious issues; but timely intervention can help get things fixed with a car tuning service.

#5: Odours

Any noxious smell from the exhaust might once again signal that the internal stroke of your engine has started to fail.

#6: Engine Running Even After Ignition Is Turned Off

You can know this thing in the name of dieseling and run-on. This is quite common with high-performing cars. It occurs for various reasons, including a hyper-active carburetor, a mal-performing solenoid or incorrect octane in gas. Of course, such incidences call for immediate professional intervention.

#7: Engine Runs Rough

Such issues need no detailed discussion, and the fix-up can be as simple as a basic tuning service. However, a rough running car engine often results due to wear of spark plugs or any types of clog in the system. It can also happen if the battery runs low or wrong octane in the gasoline.

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