US Cities With High Limo Usage

ferrari-limoMore than 10 percent of all people living in the United States used a limousine in the last year. While many people assume that the best cities to find private car hires are larger cities on the East and West Coasts, these cars are available in nearly every state. The cities that have the highest number of limousines currently in service represent a number of locales across the country.​

Phoenix, Arizona

Many people think of Phoenix in terms of the dry, humidity-free climate, but this city is also home to a number of large corporations and companies. Those companies often bring in clients and workers from other states, and those businesses hire limousine companies to bring their clients into their offices. Phoenix is home to more limousines per square mile than any other state in the country.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago earned the nickname The Windy City for the politicians that once ran the town. Now the city is known for its entertainment options, professional sports teams, shopping opportunities and deep dish pizza, the city is popular with travelers and local residents. Chicago is also home to a large number of limousine companies. These companies go out of their way to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

San Francisco, California

Some people might be surprised that San Francisco makes the list. This city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It’s home to sports, arts, cultural sites, museums and dozens of luxury hotels that offer amenities like free yoga classes, personal trainers and private chefs. Those looking for a variety of limousines might do well to visit San Francisco. These cars range from smaller vehicles with enough space for just two people to larger vehicles that can seat 10 or more people.

New York City, New York

When people think of limousines, they often think of New York City, due in large part to pop culture. This city is home to the second largest amount of limousines per square mile, trailing behind Phoenix by just a small percentage. It is worth noting that some statistics include town cars and other vehicles in this figure. Visitors and locals can rent a luxury sedan or another expensive car that comes with a driver to take them around town.

Miami, Florida

Miami became a mecca for the wealthy during the 1980s, and the city is still popular with the rich and famous. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Will Smith and Harrison Ford are just a few of the celebrities who visited the city in recent years. In fact, the Kardashian sisters even filmed their own reality show in Miami, and the show focused on their adventures in the city. Those famous faces don’t want to rent a car or deal with parking, which is why they turn to local limousine companies. Those companies and drivers do whatever it takes to respect the privacy of every passenger who climbs in the car.

Limousines often come with great features, including leather seats, state of the art entertainment systems, free drinks and food and even personalized temperature settings. Travelers can find a large number of these cars in cities across the country so they, too, can ride in style.

Another city that likes to travel luxuriously is Austin, Texas. If you need a limo while you’re there, make sure to check out Cynthia’s Manhattan Limousine, Inc.

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