Types of Saddlebags for Kawasaki Motorcycle

KawasakiKawasaki is always there in the list of top ranked engineering and automobile companies in the world, offering a wide range of high tech motorcycles to meet the requirements of the enthusiasts. Kawasaki offers a number of outstanding models of motorcycles, which are highly appreciated by the customers for its endurance, sleek design and supreme performance. The wide popularity of the Kawasaki motorcycles also opened a huge market for the accessories, and the Kawasaki saddlebags are one of the best sellers among the accessories, as the saddle bags are one of the inevitable item to every motorcycle rider.

Depending on the model of the motorcycle, you can choose from a wide variety of saddle bags available in the market. The most preferred type of Kawasaki bags are:

Hard Saddlebags: The hard saddle bags are normally made of hard plastic or fiberglass; also you can find some sturdy models made of aluminum or stainless steel. Most of the hard saddlebags are like suitcases and opens from the topside. This type of Kawasaki bag is waterproof, and you can permanently mount them to your motorcycle, using metal or plastic brackets. The hard bags offer secure locking arrangements, so your valuables will be safe even when you leave the bike alone. The hard saddle bags comes in different colors and finish to match with the motorcycle, and it offer a good storage space for to stock all the required materials for a long ride. These models can be fixed to both side of the vehicle, and offer additional features like LED light with red lenses, which can be wired as a turn signal light or break light to provide some additional safety, when you are on a night ride.

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Soft Saddle bags: Durable materials like polyester, nylon or synthetic fibers are used to make soft saddle bags, and come in a variety of colors, designs and sizes to match with your Kawasaki. These bags are reinforced with hard materials so that it will retain its shape even when empty. Majority of the soft saddle bags are water resistant, but it will be better to use the flip-on rain cover supplied by the manufacturer, to protect the bag and the luggage from getting wet during a rainy day. The mounting of the soft Kawasaki bags are something different from a hard bag, since it cannot be attached directly to the motorcycle using brackets; instead they have fabric yoke or straps running between the two bags over or under the bike's seat. The soft bags are easy to attach and detach, and you can secure them with Velcro straps and quick release buckles. They offer many pockets and compartments making it easy to pack, and access your gear with ease.

Leather Saddlebags: Leather bags are unique in look and style, and occupy a position between hard bags and soft bags. It is the all time favorite of the "cruiser" riders and Kawasaki saddle bags made of pure leather is considered as an addition to the bike's luxury look. They can be either mounted with the hard mounting brackets or using the thick leather yoke attached between the two bags. The Leather bags have decorated exterior which enable you to enhance an eye catching appearance to your favorite Kawasaki motorcycle.

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