Truck Drivers Must Understand the Road Conditions to Avoid Accidents

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Truck drivers are specially trained for driving big sized commercial vehicles. But, unfortunately, the truck crashes are rising day by day for several reasons. It can or cannot be the driver’s fault. Sometimes, our mother nature also plays tricks that lead to fatal crashes.

The trucking company and the maintenance department also pay tributes to the collisions. Moreover, the underlying road and the traffic can add to the double possibility of misadventures.

It is not rational thinking to stop trucks from moving on roads as these big vehicles are the crucial source of goods carriage from one place to another. Trucks pay a considerable percentage in the world of commercialization. Hence, the truck operators need to be extra cautious about the road conditions while driving.

The prime responsibility is to educate the truck drivers about the safety tips.

The present automobile world has established several safety and security features for the drivers and the trucking organizations for accident prohibition.

Firstly, the concerned authorities must enforce the staffs to adopt safe truck operation.

Secondly, the latest manufactures are loaded with electronic data recorders for tracking the driving hours and the other actions.

Thirdly, the truck drivers must be made aware of the driving hours, otherwise, stretched driving can lead to the fatigue and weakness that further triggers accident.

Fourthly, the truck drivers should compulsorily follow the entire regulations implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier. They must be utterly attentive to the road conditions and the aspects that can influence their capability to maneuver safely.

The formalization of the traffic laws can significantly decrease the rate of accidents.

Traffic Laws

Let’s get to the details of truck accidents

The vast vehicles comprise of approximately three percent of the entire vehicles moving on the road currently. At least one percent of the traffic catastrophes are led by the trucks.

It has been reported that around 35% of the automobile crashes happened when any other motor moves in the blind spot of the commercial truck.

The regular collisions take place when the trucks are moving in the tight areas, taking quick turns, backing up and other small vehicles arriving too close to the truck’s end.

The dangers of truck driver’s profession

Truck operating is one of the most dangerous occupations across the globe. The truck accident law agencies depicted that the commercial truckers must know the basic driving approaches that can arrest the accidents.

The primary driving strategies are as follows:

  • Highway handling

The drivers should abide by the traffic signs and the speed limit. They must shun from continuous movement changing lanes quickly. The drivers are not supposed to use sudden brakes. Tailgating and heavy usage of gas must be stopped. Adequate rest and good food will keep them healthy that can be useful for driving big vehicles.

  • No zone area

Check the no zones situated at the four specific areas of the truck. The drivers can’t see the traffic properly around these spots. So, extra care must be taken for avoiding crashes with other cars.

  • Adverse weather

Be super attentive when the climate is not friendly. Severe weather can make the roads snowy, wet and sticky. Take the extra time and keep more space for starting and stopping the massive rigs. Drive at a slower speed limit. Allow other vehicles to pass without overtaking them. Keep the wiper on constant working mode to keep the windshield and front glass clear of dust, rain, and snowflakes.

  • Signal

The truck drivers must give the right signaling to make other vehicle operators aware of their purposive movement. They must provide enough time to the nearby motors to observe the signals. The signal lights must be in first class condition.

  • Parking

Parking a 33000 lb truck is much critical than positioning smaller cars. Truck parking can lead to collisions. Land your vehicle at the proper parking place. If emergency halting is needed, try not to extend it more than five to ten minutes because it makes the roadblock causing disturbances for the other vehicles to pass. Don’t park on the busy roadside unless it’s vital. Follow the speed limit instructed on the signboards and drive accordingly.

Ladies and gentlemen, driving an 18 wheeler or a colossal trailer tractor is entirely different ballgame than driving bus, car, jeep, etc. Thus, it takes more extended period to obtain commercial truck driver’s license than that of a car driver. The truckers must learn the entire driving rules and regulations involving the recording process of working hours, safe transports of goods, air brakes operation and gear shifting.

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