Top causes of most common car accidents

Any accident is a sad event in a driver’s life. Being involved in an accident can lead to many unintended consequences, including fairly serious injuries or even worse, an accident can result in death. In this, we will present the most common causes that lead to road accidents and how you can avoid them.

While some of these causes of car accidents may seem obvious and redundant to experienced drivers, this list aims to educate all drivers, from the teenage driver who just got his license, to the 40-year-old senior driver. experience the steering wheel. Learning to drive a car takes many hours of driving training, especially if the driver wants to avoid being involved in a car accident as much as possible.

So let’s start with the presentation of the main causes that lead to road accidents:

Excessive speed

We all know that speed is one of the main reasons for a car accident. When we watch TV and listen to the news about road accidents, most reporters say that the accident was caused by non-compliance with the speed limit. We often use to exceed by 30-40 km, in some cases even more, the legal speed allowed. Given the roads of the homeland, it is not a very wise choice. Try as much as possible to go within the legal speed limit, because at a very high speed the reaction time will be slower and it will be very difficult to prevent a car accident.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking while driving is one of the leading causes of an accident. You may have said many times, “Come on, a beer works!” No, it is not a wise choice at all. Alcohol makes us lose our ability to concentrate. It would be best, even if you return from a bachelor party, to choose to drive a person who has not consumed alcohol.

Distraction driving

Although it seems a little hard to believe, distracting the driver is one of the main causes worldwide that leads to an accident. A driver distracts his attention from the road by the simple fact that he is talking on the phone, that he wants to give a message to his girlfriend on Facebook to tell her that he is late or when he wants to pop his menu just ordered from Mcdonald’s. So be as careful as possible on the road to avoid an unfortunate event.

Chaotic driving

If you do not drive carefully, you can cause an unnecessary accident. Many accidents are caused by these chaotic drivers. Some drive at very high speeds, change lanes without making sure and without signaling (I don’t just mean BMW drivers). So, be a little more responsible in traffic. Don`t ruin it!


Although many of us like to “Dance in the Rain”, this natural phenomenon causes many road accidents because the water creates dangerous surfaces that can lead to car skidding or aquaplaning . To avoid an accident, try to drive slower during rain.

Passing on the red

We all know that when the traffic light turns red we have to stop. When you don’t do this, accidents usually happen. Drivers passing the red light risk causing unjust death, as they often cause side-impact collisions at high speeds. To avoid such an accident, be careful when passing through a traffic light intersection, even if you are green, make sure that on the left and right you are not in danger if you cross the intersection.

Young and inexperienced drivers

Careful driving is unfortunately not an asset for young drivers. Youth is beautiful, but unfortunately, many young drivers cause many accidents due to carelessness and lack of experience. Be more careful!

Driving at night

Under certain conditions, even driving during the day is dangerous. What about night driving? This practically doubles the risk of an accident. When you can’t see clearly in the face, you don’t know what to expect and you don’t know what to anticipate in time. Preventive driving at night does not hurt.

Factory faults

No product is ever made perfectly, and cars are no different. Cars have hundreds of parts and any of these parts can be damaged or cause serious accidents. Many car manufacturers have had problems with certain parts from the factory.

Changing lanes randomly

There will always come a time when you have to cross another lane (that is, exit a highway, enter the correct lane to make a turn, etc.). When drivers do not make safe lane changes properly, it often leads to a car accident. To prevent an unnecessary car accident, use the car’s signals (even if you have a BMW), check the blind spots, and always move carefully to the next lane.

Ignoring traffic signs

We all still have bad days at work or anywhere else and it makes us a little more uninterested in what is happening around us. We are not allowed to drive this. We must be careful of traffic signs so that we do not accidentally turn right without caring and that street is one-way from the opposite direction.

Keeping your distance

Many drivers are impatient and careless, driving so close to another car that they cannot react in time if the car in front of them brakes suddenly. You can prevent these car accidents by giving the car in front a distance equal to the length of one car for every 30 km / h you have on board.

Driving under the influence of drugs

Not only alcohol is dangerous when consumed by drivers. Drugs, both legal and illegal, can affect your ability to function fully as a driver. If your mind is not clear and you do not have complete control over your body, getting behind the wheel can lead to serious car accidents.

Snow and boots

Driving on a snowy road is quite dangerous if not done properly. Snow can hide ice beneath it and driving at high speeds on this surface could cause us to get out of control.

Aggressive drivers

We often argue in traffic with other drivers or even swear at each other. But some drivers let their anger take over and start overtaking without insuring themselves just to face the driver with whom they teased and you would suddenly stop the car in front. Be a little more mature in traffic!


Most drivers are aware of the dangers posed by potholes on the street. Due to the potholes, the drivers risk losing control of the steering wheel or having to deal with a tire explosion. Try as much as possible not to cross these pits with tires, especially since we all know the problem of roads in some countries. In case you feel the accident was not your fault, you can ask for compensation. Visit this site for more details.


Maybe many times you have traveled a few hundred good kilometers, or maybe thousands and you have very little to go home and even if you get tired you have continued on the road. Many drivers fall asleep behind the wheel due to fatigue, especially when driving on the highway. When you feel tired, pull to the right and try to sleep for even 30 minutes, it is enough to avoid a catastrophe.

Tire explosions

You may have found traces of rubber on the road as a result of an explosion. Such an explosion can cause us to lose control of the steering wheel. If you experience a tire explosion, do not panic and try to stay in control of the steering wheel and pull safely to the right.

The fog

Driving is a skill that requires the ability to see, but fog makes it extremely difficult to see more than the length of a car in front of you. Avoid car accidents by using fog lights when driving in dense fog.

Dangerous curves

Many drivers lost control of their cars along a dangerous curve and lost their lives in a car accident. Therefore, when approaching a sign indicating a dangerous curve, reduce the speed as much as possible and be as careful as possible, in order to avoid an unwanted accident.

Wild animals on the road

It may have happened to all of us to avoid on the road, a deer, a wild boar, a horse, or a rabbit. We drivers know the rules of the road, unfortunately these wild animals do not know these rules and often pass in front of us when we drive. Be careful when you encounter traffic signs that warn you that wild animals may get out on the road.

Car accidents are, unfortunately, very common all over the world and most of these road accidents are caused by human error. While some are relatively minor, thousands of lives are destroyed each year by these horrific car accidents. Because your life can be in danger if you drive in an unsafe way, it is so important to drive carefully and follow all traffic rules. Let’s not forget though that life has priority.

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