Top Accessories for a Safe and Enjoyable Motorbike Riding

iq05A helmet, boots, gloves, jacket and pants not only make motorcycling more fun, they also ensure that you are safe when riding, and choosing the right gear is essential. You can buy all the protective gear you need to make your next ride safe and enjoyable by visiting your local motorcycle gear store.


In the event of an impact, the helmet will protect your head and because of this, it is the most important piece of motorcycle gear you will buy, and you should take time to choose the right one. You have more chance of surviving a crash if you are wearing a helmet and it will also protect your jaw and neck from injuries, as well as serve as a shield for your face. Helmets come in three basic types-full face, flip face or open face. The Motorcycle Gear Store has always advised customers to buy the right head gear to stay safe as too many people are having accidents with the wrong equipment.


In the event of an accident, the right pair of motorcycle gloves will help to protect your wrists and fingers from injury, although they can also keep your hands warm in cold weather. If you plan to take long rides on your bike, a pair of gloves can increase your comfort and allow you to have a better grip on the handlebars.


Boots not only give you a much better grip on the pavement, they also help to prevent any injuries to your feet or ankles in the event of a collision. Look for motorcycle boots with load spreaders and energy absorbers, which are more effective at preventing injuries to the toes and ankles, and it is also recommended to wear boots that are durable, have rubber soles and are resistant to oil.

Riding Leathers

Last but not least is the leather protective clothing made from kangaroo leather or cowhide, and usually available in tow pieces-trousers and jacket. Some more modern leather clothing offers even more protection for major points of impacts such as the back, elbows, knees and shoulders by including built in armour. For even more protection when riding your motorbike, look for jackets with an airbag system.

In Conclusion

Wearing the right protective gear when riding your motorbike makes a lot of sense and can increase your enjoyment as well as decrease your chances of being killed or seriously injured in an accident. You can find a wide selection of all the best motorcycle helmets, boots gloves and other gear ands accessories at your nearest bike shop.

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