Tips on How to Get the Best Buyer for Your Car in UAE

If you’re in the market to buy a brand-new car with all the latest technologies and gizmos, you first need to offload your old used one first. While it’s great to have a backup option in your garage, or perhaps you have some emotions for it; at some point selling the old car would be the most sensible thing to do due to the ever-increasing cost of maintenance. Now, here comes the dilemma – how to sell a car in the UAE and get the best buyer at the same time? There’s a simple answer to this question, which is – who pays the most. But hold on for a second and think twice, unless the price difference is significant, would you prefer a buyer who is just paying $50 more than a buyer who may pay you a bit less but offer you much more hassle-free selling experience? In this short piece, there are some useful pointers to help you to get the best buyer for your car.

  1. Try word of mouth publicity: This is the most traditional way to sell a used car in The Emirates. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, business associates, brother of your girlfriend or wife, your friendly bartender where you hop in every Saturday night, or even to the gas station guy from where you fill your tank regularly. All of these people can help you in spreading the word to get a buyer fast. There’s one advantage of this; you’ll get buyers who are already known by the people you know already, so they usually tend to haggle less and offer you a better price if they like the car.
  2. Try leaflet or poster in your neighborhood: This is another method to catch the attention of some prospective buyers. Put as many details as possible about your car on the leaflet or poster so that you get the buyers who are only interested in your specific car model and condition. Don’t forget to put a color photo of your car to give them a decent idea about what they should expect. This is, however, perhaps not the best way to get the perfect buyer, because buyers coming through this route haggle too much to get the lowest possible price.
  3. Try an online classified advertisement: There are lots of websites where you can advertise your car. It will be better if you choose the websites which are specific to the cars only instead of any general classified site. While most such sites are free to advertise, there are few sites which offer you additional features like car valuation, personalized support, etc. for a small fee; you can try that out too. Buyers who contact you after seeing the ad will be the most cautious ones with best-of-the-word bargaining skill, so be prepared for that.
  4. Try trading in: This is one of the quickest ways to get rid of your used car. In most cases, people sell their old car to buy a new one, so this is the fastest way to sell your car and bring the new car to your home at the same time. However, the price you’ll get in this kind of deals would not be the best; you know that, right?
  5. Try selling to a third-party dealer: Many third-party dealers offer you an array of useful services to get the most business in this competitive market. Few of them operate their online classified website where they enlist your car without any extra cost, so this is an added advantage. They usually have a team of certified engineers who will hand-inspect your car to determine the best value for your car. Additionally, they take care of all the paper works, minor services, car pick up, etc. They don’t require you to buy a new car from them, but in case you want, you can drive a new car to your home on the same day. There are many such dealers who deal in used cars in UAE, choose a reputed one who can offer you most of the services and the best experience.

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