Things to Remember Before You Go for A Used Jeep Purchase


Jeeps are built for tough terrains. They are more than capable of handling a drive across any terrain, whether it’s across the desert or around the mountain.

Their ruggedness is their biggest asset. At the same time, that very same ruggedness can be their curse or blessing especially when their resale values are concerned because they seldom show signs of weakness on the outside. This makes it very difficult for a buyer to buy a used jeep with complete peace of mind.

So are you looking to go for a jeep purchase for your off-road adventures? Yep, finance is an issue (they are costly indeed) and hence you want to sign up for a used jeep purchase as an alternative.

That’s great! But before you go ahead and close the deal with any dealer of your choice, you need to know a few things that are directly related to a used jeep purchase in general. We have provided a few in this article. Let’s take a peek without further ado.

  1. Check the undercarriage

A jeep is a sturdy piece of vehicle indeed and it seldom shows any signs of damage or weakness especially on the outside. But the undercarriage of the vehicle might show you some signs of damage that might have been incurred when it was in use previously.

For example:

If you go for a second-hand Jeep Wrangler Edmonton, do take special care to check the undercarriage of the vehicle, especially the skid plates. The skid plates are tough indeed but they are the ones which take the hardest beating of the terrain. Are they all scarred up? If they are, you should realize that the jeep has definitely taken some sort of a beating indeed.

  1. Check for leaks

Yes, jeeps are tough on the outside. Not inside though!

Inside that tough exterior there’s still an intricate system of movable parts, tubes, hoses and a host of attachments. All those parts need to be lubricated at times and should be prevented from any form of overheating. But even after all those cares and maintenance, it might be very possible for your jeep to leak at spots because of a number of factors such as age, accident and so on.

Some of the most common leaks that you’ll probably observe occur in the oil and the coolant section. So do take special care while checking those spots individually.

  1. Look for rust spots

To be honest, you should always expect a little bit of oxidation on your vehicle if you want to go in specifically for a used jeep purchase.

Not all areas are problem though especially when rust is concerned. But if you found a significant amount of rust under the carpet or on the floor, it’s better if you avoid going for the purchase at all. That’s because what you are looking at are some expensive repairs indeed.

“Better avoid taking that route” is the best possible advice that we can give you.

  1. Look for modifications

Jeeps are one of the most improvised vehicles available in the market. The availability of such a wide range of aftermarket parts makes it possible for anyone to customize their jeeps for off-road adventures depending on the nature of the terrain.

Now we are definitely not saying that modifications are a bad thing. It’s just that you should be aware of the fact whether any modification’s done by the previous owner on your vehicle before you actually go ahead and take the vehicle for your personal use.

If you come to know of the fact that modifications are done on your vehicle, it’s necessary for you to pinpoint them ASAP. You can ask the dealer for that purpose though. S/He should definitely come to your aid especially when pinpointing modifications are concerned.

  1. Last but not the least, check on the tires

A little bit of wear on the tire isn’t something to worry about. But you should ensure that the tires have worn evenly.

If they haven’t, it might signify an issue. Don’t forget to check this little thing out at the time of your purchase.

Right then, we hope this list comes in handy for you before you go for your used jeep purchase. With that, we’ll bring this article to an end for now. Good luck!

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