Things to Consider Before Buying a Towing Truck

Towing service is considered mandatory in countries where traffic laws are essential to follow or you have to face severe consequences in case of violation. You can see various towing trucks moving on roads transferring vehicles from one place to another. You must have noticed that different types of trucks are used in towing operations while they also perform different tasks. The article will bring in the limelight the types of tow trucks and their respective features in order to help you in making a lucrative deal.

Types of Tow Trucks

There are three types of towing trucks and one should know about these types to know about the most suitable type that fits well with his/her requirements before signing a deal.


Hook and Chain Trucks:

Hook and chain trucks are also known as sling trucks. This was the post popular type in the past that requires a hook to be attached to a vehicle to drag in on the road. It’s the most suitable type of transferring the vehicles that meet an accident or have lost the rear wheels. The benefits of sling trucks include durability and affordability factors while they are capable of heavyweight as well. Damage risks due to heavy chains and extreme manual labor in the case of outdated equipment are the major disadvantages of hook and chain trucks.


Flatbed Truck:

Flatbed tow trucks are also known as slid or roll back trucks. They have a hydraulic system to move the bed at a position where the vehicle can drive directly onto the bed. It’s also hydraulic system’s responsibility to shift the bed to the resting position after loading the vehicle on the truck. In the case of the damaged vehicle, a truck mounted winch is used to pull the vehicle on the bed. Flatbed is the most popular type of tow truck. It is a secure method of towing two wheels and four-wheel vehicles. Moreover, the loading and shifting of the vehicles is quite fast and time-saving process. Higher price is the main drawback of flatbed tow trucks.


Wheel-Lift Tow Truck:

The working strategy of wheel-lift trucks is similar to the sling trucks. Instead of hook and chains, a metal yoke is used in wheel-lift tow trucks. Metal yoke fits on the wheels and hydraulic system lifts up from the ground. Unlike the sling trucks, the chances of damage are rare in the wheel-lift trucks as yoke only touches the wheel and doesn’t interact with the bumper. It is easy to use and transport the vehicle effortlessly. However, the type isn’t suitable for shifting the damaged vehicle as the wheels should be in the cradle of the yoke to pull it on the truck.

Investigate Engine Performance

Always make a comparison among the different engines. Suspension air system should be good to balance the weight of the towed vehicle while the horsepower should not be ignored as it’s necessary to lessen the stress on the truck and maintain its performance.

Check Features of the Truck

A good understanding of the features of the truck is necessary for buying a deal. Check different features like suspension systems, braking system, heavy duty cooling system and compare them to get the one that answers well to your needs. The features are also necessary to get a permit card on the roads of well-populated cities.


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