The World’s Most Expensive Parking Spaces

It was recently revealed that an underground parking space near to the Royal Albert Hall had gone onto the open market for a staggering £275,000 – that's ten times the average annual salary in the UK.

But this isn't the first piece of parking real estate that's come with a very hefty price tag. In fact, some of the world's best parking spots are so eye-poppingly expensive that you might well be forced to sell your car in order to be able to afford them!

Here's just some of the priciest car parking spaces around…

The $640,000 spot in a Hong Kong skyscraper basement

Property prices in Hong Kong have doubled since the start of 2010, so it's no surprise that the price of premium parking spaces is on the up too. Currently owned by CEO Jacinto Tong (who also has another space in the same car park – show off…), the only obvious benefit of this average looking 8-feet-by-16-feet spot is that it's adjacent to the elevator.

An average St Ives parking space that'll set you back £55,000

Parking's notoriously tricky in this pretty Cornwall town, and so it's not unusual for drivers to have to shell out a fair bit for the privilege of accessing a parking spot. One frustrated car owner recently offered £55,000 for a private space that'll guarantee they never have a problem parking again.

Manhattan's $1 million cement garage

This private Greenwich Village space, incorporated into the ground floor of a luxury apartment block on E. 11 Street, became New York's first million dollar car parking spot back in May 2012. Promising "complete privacy" for its owner, the exclusive address comes with its own deed and sales contract.

A $24 million Singapore ‘space in the sky'

OK, so your $24 million will buy you the entire penthouse, rather than just a car parking space, in the Hamilton Parks skyscraper… But part and parcel of the luxurious apartment is a double car elevator that means the owner can travel directly from street level to their living room without even opening their car door.

The Knightsbridge public car park that charges £36 for three hours' parking recently conducted a survey which discovered that the most expensive car park in the UK is, unsurprisingly, located in swanky Knightsbridge. In fact, the ten most expensive car parks in the whole of the UK are all within London - so maybe leave the car at home the next time you're travelling into the capital…

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