The Car and Your Personality

There is a freedom that comes with having a car of your own to drive. Lots of people realise that it can be beneficial to have a car that goes along with their personalities, if only to make them feel more congruent in their daily lives. Here are some tips to help you choose a car that goes along with your personality or personal style.

Loud and brash-the SUV


This is perhaps the most obvious choice for people who have loud and brash personalities. The sports utility vehicle is frequently chosen by those who want to stand out and look down over crowds of vehicles on the busy roadways of the city. However, if you have this kind of personality, you will probably be equally home in a pickup truck or in something else that is large and screams masculinity.

Safe and secure-the Minivan


If safety is your priority, then it is hard to do better than a minivan in most cases. They are large enough to give you some amount of visibility over other cars on the road, yet they are family friendly with their cargo room and their various safety requirements. Like SUVs, however, they generally are not very good on petrol due to their size, so if this is a primary concern of yours, you might want to look at the next vehicle option.

Modern and efficient-the Compact

2011 Chevrolet Cruze RS

The compact is an excellent choice for the individual who is looking for quality on a budget. They are good for university students fresh out of school and for individuals in their professional jobs. They also work for people who have long commutes as they are generally much easier on the fuel tank than most other kinds of vehicles on the road. You might also want to look into subcompact sized vehicles, as they are even more fuel efficient and even smaller, making them easier to park in tight spaces.

Flighty and Sporty-the Sports Car

sports car

Finally, the sports car is for those who have outgoing personalities but who aren’t quite as brash as the SUV driver. Sports cars let you speed away from your troubles while listening to the hum of the engine under the bonnet. There are souped up sports cars and simple little ones; just look for the kind that fits your personality and you will be off having fun on the winding roads in your luxury Jaguar sports car before you know it. Sports cars, however, generally don’t work for people interested in families, unless they are a secondary car.


In conclusion, finding the car that fits your personality might seem like a challenge at first, but it really isn’t that hard. The louder your personality, the larger the vehicle you will probably be interested in, while if you are quieter in your personality, you might be drawn to smaller vehicles. However, there are exceptions everywhere you look, which is why it is always best to go for a test drive before you purchase anything, regardless of what you think your personality might be drawn to.

Jack has been a mechanic for 10 years and is a complete rev head. He has 5 cars to his name, and his past time hobbies include redoing old cars, travelling, going to car shows and writing blogs about cars.

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  1. One thing that you left out is that – as one matures (we don’t get older!) the SUV is much easier to get into and out of as we don’t bend like we did at your age!

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