The Audio Upgrades Every Car Enthusiast Wants

Owning a great car can make you feel more powerful than anything else - speeding through the country, with no one in sight for miles, just you, your road and your speedster, and no worries: this truly is every car enthusiast's dream scenario. Furthermore, when you have a new car, this feeling is more than palpable, so you can really experience the excitement and the rush that makes your blood boil and your adrenaline pumped. For all those who want to feel this way in the town rush as well, which is not as easy and fulfilling, there are several things you can do in order to modify your car to reach the maximum. One of those - apart from added exhaust, shaded glasses and a sunroof - is a high quality audio system: when you have one of those, every ride will become a trip into an adventure and you will feel better being able to blast your favorite tunes. Here are some tips and ideas on how to upgrade your car audio system and make it realize its full potential.

FM transmitter 2.0


Provided that you have the basics - FM radio antenna, CD player and decent speakers - you will be able to add some more features. All those who don't own an auxiliary port, the popularly called AUX port, don't worry - there are small handy gadgets that can turn your FM transmitter into a new device that will play music from your other devices. That way, you don't have to think too much: just take your iPod or music player with you, hook it onto the transmitting device and you're good to go.

New Speakers, New Sound

Car Audio System

To be honest, the majority of default car speakers don't sound good to begin with, and tend to look either broken or having something misplaced in them. Therefore, in order to hear the sound clearly, you need to purchase some new speakers. Luckily, the market today is more than equipped with high-definition, clear speakers that will transport your car into another dimension. If you want your car's potential to be seen - and heard! - this is one of those essential car audio accessories shouldn't miss.

All about the Bass

For those who like to be heard on the streets while cruising around their neighborhood, bass adjustments are crucial. A regular bass booster will make the volume of your music much higher while giving you physical sensations at the same time. Most systems include two or more woofers, an amplifier and a crossover in a closed tube-shaped device. While this might cost a bit more and look rather extravagant, there sure are car enthusiasts who would not settle for anything less.

hyundai-i20-sound-editionSatellite Sound

The ability to choose music over the Internet is wonderfully remarkable and a great piece of modern technology, but how to get this luxury when in a car? The answer is a satellite radio and its vast collection of all the songs you could have ever imagined. This will come in handy not only when driving on highways for several hours, but even in your everyday commute - a satellite radio receiver is as useful as it is small and handy.

More Upgrades

A constantly rising number of items that transform your regular car sound into something special appear all the time, so there are so many options for you to choose, from DVD players and amp upgrades to more or less costly head unit. It all depends on your budget and the need for sound.

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