Technologies Cars Must Have to Increase Road Safety

When you buy a car, you must ensure that you are investing your hard-earned money in the right product. Indeed, individuals on a budget tend to avoid purchasing high-end vehicles that come equipped with all the advanced technologies. However, the lack of funds shouldn’t stop one from buying a vehicle that has the basic technologies a car needs to ensure a great driving experience and road safety.

If you don’t have enough money to get a car boasting techs that are important to keep you safe on the road, postpone your plan. Buy the car only when you are fit enough to obtain a sizable car loan or have saved enough to purchase the right piece. Other than that, you can also install a few devices into your car to make driving an easier and safer job.

Here are a few technologies your car must possess for ensuring safety for both people inside the vehicle and those on the road.

Front Camera

You need afront camera for carsto ensure that you are keeping your vehicle in the right lane. According to experts, they play the role of the third eye for the person driving the vehicle.

These cameras detect lane markings making it easier for vehicles to stay in their lane. Additionally, they detect and classify objects like cyclists, pedestrians, trucks, motorbikes, and cars and alert the motorist. This helps in preventing collisions by automatically braking the car.

Hands-free Bluetooth Kit

You should never talk on your mobile phone when driving a car. This is one of the first things you must learn as an automobile driver. If you don’t abide by this rule, you might end up harming yourself, other passengers inside the car, pedestrians, and last but not least people inside the vehicles around you.

However, one has to admit that there are certain phone calls drivers cannot ignore. Having a hands-free Bluetooth kit will allow them to take those calls without compromising anyone’s safety. These kits allow drivers to make and take phone calls while keeping their focus on the road. Here, you must note that it’s important that you use the kit only if the phone call is absolutely unavoidable.

Drowsiness Detector

You can have a drowsiness detector in your car to find out whether your driver is drowsy or tired. It’s a tech system designed to monitor the eyelids of the driver along with his head movement.

The drowsiness detection units monitor the head and eyes of the driver to ensure that he has his focus on the steering wheel and the road in front of him. Whenever the system detects any level of drowsiness, it automatically triggers an alarm.

These detectors will alert you even when you are driving for a long span. For instance, if it finds that you are driving continuously for two hours, it will show a warning light featuring a coffee cup. This visual alarm symbolizes the need for a coffee break or a few minutes of rest for the driver.

Alcohol Ignition Interlock

This is one invention that will save the lives of hundreds of thousands of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in the coming years. Soon, a day may come when it would become mandatory for every vehicle to have this device.

For those who don’t know, alcohol-activated automobile immobilizers are tiny devices capable of measuring the amount of alcohol in one’s blood. You must have heard about similar gadgets before. What makes this one different from those is that this gadget will stop you from starting your car if your blood alcohol level is greater than the level permitted by law.

Road Heating System

Driving in ice and snow will become much easier with this system installed in your car. Road heating systems work by capturing solar energy and then using it to melt ice and snow. This will save you a lot of time during the cold winter months. The tech system also benefits the authorities immensely by reducing the necessity of snow plowing the roads during bad weather conditions.

Stability Control Tech

This electronic system helps drivers to have complete control of their respective vehicles when the driving condition is hazardous. The system works by reducing the power of the engine by triggering the brake pulses on the automobile’s wheels. This allows the car to maintain its on-road orientation even when the road conditions are extremely bad.

Tire Controller

If you drive a car featuring a tire controller, you will have access to all the information on the vehicle’s tire pressure. The tire controller will keep informing you about the pressure level of the tires using an indicator. The US government has already (in 2007) made it mandatory for all vehicles to have this system installed in them. This has happened only due to the amazing effectiveness this road safety technology has showcased.

Some Advanced Gadgets for the Safety of Motorcyclists

One gadget that every motorcyclist must start using right away is the airbag vest. The function of airbag vests is the same as the built-in airbags of cars. When an accident takes place, an airbag vest inflates for absorbing the shock and offering much-needed support to the victim’s cervical vertebra, back, thorax, and different parts of his/her abdomen.

For these vests to function, you will need to install a tiny box on your bike. The box will feature a small radio transmitter and shock detectors, which will work together to trigger the vest’s inflation whenever there’s a major collision.

The other gadget motorcyclists must consider investing in is a smart helmet. These helmets feature integrated cameras, displays, and detectors and allow motorcyclists to see events taking place at their back. This means they can know what’s happening behind them without the need of looking behind and while remaining focused on the road in front of them.

Final Words

Do you want to be asafe driver? If yes, make sure your car has all the technologies discussed in the section above. Additionally, you must also keep gathering information on fresh innovations to make driving a more comfortable and safer job.

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