Synthetic Motor Oils for Higher Mileage

Humans are not the only ones who age — animals and machines go through the aging cycle as well. These aging machines include automobiles. However, regular maintenance and good driving habits will allow you to keep your car in top shape regardless of its age or how long it has been on the road.

Today, the average vehicle stays on the road for more than a decade. What is the reason for this? More and more people are opting for used cars over vehicles fresh out of the showroom. Another reason is that the quality of the motor oil used in cars has gotten better in recent years.

A new-age synthetic motor oil, such as Castrol synthetic motor oil, extends the lifespan of your car as it is formulated specifically to maintain or improve the health of a car’s engine. These motor oils, often referred to as higher mileage engine oils, are manufactured specifically for higher mileage engines and provide the enhanced lubricant protection required by aging car engines. This allows a car to run for a longer time without an oil change and extends its overall lifespan.

So, it is clear that synthetic motor oils are the go-to-oil for higher car mileage and prolonged engine life. But are all synthetic motor oils equally efficient? In one word, ‘No.’ If you’re looking for motor oil for higher mileage and prolonged engine life, then you need to choose from the following four best synthetic motor oils for cars available today.

1. Castrol GTX High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil

If you’re looking for motor oil for higher mileage, then look no further than the Castrol synthetic motor oil. Having a rating of 4.9/5 on Amazon, the synthetic motor oil from Castrol is formulated to ensure optimum engine performance specifically. The oil is designed carefully to prevent sludge buildup in the engine and the failure of the catalytic converter.

The Castrol motor oil, a product of one of the world’s premier oil manufacturers, complies with all the industry standards of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API). The motor oil provides excellent oil burn-off protection and features a superior dispersant, advanced additives, and seal conditioners. All these features combine to ensure higher mileage and prolonged engine life.

2. Valvoline Synthetic Motor Oil

The second synthetic motor oil on our list is the Valvoline synthetic motor oil. Having a rating of 4.4/5 on Amazon, this synthetic motor oil ensures an efficient car engine. The most noticeable thing about the Valvoline synthetic motor oil is that it prevents sludge buildup in the engine. However, motor oil helps to accomplish more than this. This includes preventing leaks in the engine and providing the lubrication needed by the engine’s components to avoid wear.

If you have an aging car, then the Valvoline motor oil is highly recommended to you. Your car’s engine can stay sludge free for a long time thanks to the anti-oxidant capability of the motor oil. Last but not least, the Valvoline motor oil comes with additional cleaning detergents, which help to rejuvenate older engines.

3. Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

This synthetic motor oil comes with a promise of over seventy thousand miles and possibly better engine performance. This is a promise made by Mobil 1, the manufacturer of the motor oil. Having a rating of 4.8/5 on Amazon, the Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil features the additives that are needed to optimize your car’s engine.

An excellent combination of essential elements, the synthetic motor oil form Mobil 1, prevents the accumulation of sludge in your engine to allow it to run smoother for longer. This improves the performance of your car’s engine and extends its useful life.

The Mobil 1 motor oil is made for all sizes of vehicles, including SUVs, light vans, and trucks, and features anti-wear elements. Additionally, it is designed to prevent leakages in the engine. Most importantly, the motor oil ensures excellent lubrication of the engine’s components to keep your car on the road for longer before an oil change is needed.

4. Pennzoil High Mileage Oil

The fourth and final synthetic motor oil on our list is the Pennzoil synthetic motor oil. Having a rating of 4.7/5 on Amazon, this high mileage synthetic motor oil from Pennzoilis specially formulated to help your car’s engine to achieve and exceed the expected performance and lifespan.

Designed for vehicles that have run for 75000 miles or more, the Pennzoil motor oil features a unique combination of additives that help to protect your car’s engine against wear. Additionally, it lowers oil consumption and prevents leak in the engine by utilizing seal conditioning agents. Like the Mobil 1 motor oil, the Pennzoil high mileage oil is made for all sizes of vehicles, including SUVs, passenger vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles.

Our Top Pick?

While all the four synthetic motor oil for higher mileage mentioned above have their advantages, we have chosen the Castrol synthetic motor oil as our top pick simply because it has the highest rating on Amazon. The ratings on Amazon come from customers themselves, and they are the best judge of products. So, we have chosen to go with their top choice.

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