Simplifying the Car Buying Experience

carThe Car Buying Decisions

A few of the biggest decisions of your life regarding your vehicle is taking action on the following:

  1. Should you perform maintenance and repair on your car and continue driving it?
  2. Is it time to trade or sell?
  3. Is it time to buy a new car or truck?
  4. I just paid off my vehicle – how long can I continue to drive it before it does not make financial sense?

Utilize Kelley Blue Book and Decide on Your Budget

These decisions eat up a lot of time while you are at the car dealers. The shopping experience, the wheeling and dealing, comparing information on various vehicles at websites such as It all starts with your core philosophy on vehicles. Do you like to drive new vehicles? Or do you like to get a fair deal on a quality used car?

Consider Kelley Blue Book (KBB) as your baseline resource for helping you with the decision. You can take any vehicle and input the information in KBB to see the price range based on the condition of the car or truck, whether you are buying or selling.

It can be a tough decision, with several ways to reach, such as:

  • You can also google data on how long car makes and models typically last to determine if you should perform necessary repairs or just sell it to obtain a new car.
  • Some people like to break down the anticipated cost per mile to level the playing field.
  • Some people choose based on the make of the car. For instance, if you are a die hard Chevy fan, then you might want to consider purchasing a Chevrolet at Hgreg.

Narrow Down Your Needs and Commit to a Timeline

Car buying can be emotional as well. Are you simply tired of driving your red vehicle and you just want a non-descript gray car or truck? Maybe you are a person who is comfortable making repairs yourself. If you are then dealing with the headache of an unforeseen repair, the decision is easier. Or if you prefer to avoid managing the maintenance of an older vehicle, then trading every 3-4 years would be the best route.

Detailing your preferences and needs is a good place to start even before you start looking. If you decide that you cannot live without a 4-wheel drive vehicle; then you can narrow your search right away and speed up the process.

Car dealer websites have made shopping for your next vehicle much more streamlined. You can quickly find a few options online and investigate them in person. First, you have to know how much longer you can drive the vehicle that you currently have. Commit to a timeline and a plan. This simplifies your life. Your car dealer is a partner and a trusted advisor who can help guide you in this process. Develop your plan and take action!

Sell your car and buy your next one according to your timeline and budget. Do not wait until it is too late and your engine is fried and you absolutely must have wheels to get to work. Let your car dealer simplify your experience.

If you have any questions, please ask below!