Significance of Regular Car Service

Car AcessoriesKeeping your car up with regular maintenance can be a difficult and unpleasant task. However, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. To determine what needs to be regularly maintained, consult with your owner's manual or visit a trusted mechanic.

It is really important to actually read your vehicle's owner's manual because each recommended time frame for all preventative maintenance varies from vehicle to vehicle.

5 common routine car services

Oil Change– Clean oil is absolutely necessary for your vehicle. Lack of oil and dirty oil can ruin a car's engine. Cars generally have their oil changed about once every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. For specific details, see your vehicle's owner's manual.

In addition to your oil, make sure all fluid levels are topped and clean. It is important to never ignore a leak. This could lead to permanent damage on your vehicle. Again, follow the directions in your owner's manual. Do not just "wing it" as too much oil or other fluids can be just as detrimental to your car as too little.

Clean Filters- The oil filter removes any dirt or particles that may be in the oil before they go to the engine. Consult your owner's manual to make sure you get the correct oil filter for your engine. The air filter should also be cleaned out or replaced. The air filter should be cleaned more often if you often travel on gravel or dirt roads.

Tire services- Tires are an essential routine car maintenance task. You should get your tires rotated and balanced, as well as get your alignment checked. Tires are expensive to replace all at once and they will have a longer life if you take the time regularly rotate and align them.

Engine belts- Your serpentine belt drives your cars accessories, A/C, power steering, alternator and other various pumps and accessories. Basically your car will not function without a working serpentine belt. The belt does not need to be replaced often, but you should ensure there aren't any cracks or breaks on the belt.

Tire Pressure- Evaluating your car's tire pressure is a free preventative maintenance task and it is easy to complete. Tires deserve your unwarranted attention if you don't want to pay a high price in the long run. Be sure that they are always properly inflated. Tires with too little air, or too much, can result in excessive wear and may cause a tire blow out. An easy way to stay on top of this task is to check your tires' air pressure each time you put fuel in your gas tank. For the proper air pressure, check your owner's manual for recommendations, rather than those from the tire manufacturer.


Overall, regular car service and maintenance will extend the life of your vehicle. Spending money on routine car services may seem expensive, but it is much cheaper than buying a new vehicle.

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