Salesmen - Give a Better Impression with a Leased Vehicle

thinkingDo you like the idea of driving around in a slick executive type vehicle that makes you feel good and shows you are successful? Who doesn’t! Having a good looking, desirable car is something most drivers aspire to, and when you are in sales, it can really affect the impression you make on clients when you turn up at their offices. Just like having a good suit and a nice haircut can make you seem like a more successful and therefore trustworthy salesman, having a good car can show that you are doing well, and are not desperate to make the sale. This helps put clients at ease and enables them to feel like your proposal has their best interests, and not your need for commission, at its core.

Of course, buying an expensive car just to look impressive to clients is not all that cost effective - it will take a lot of sales to cover the cost of a shiny new BMW or Mercedes, and if you really only want it for work purposes (for example if you favour a different type of vehicle for your personal life) then it may not be the most prudent choice. That is where leasing a car can be a great idea. Here we look at why you should consider leasing an executive car for your sales work:

Leasing a Car Can Be Easy and Affordable

You can lease a car quite easily, in much the same way as you might rent an apartment or anything else. Unlike short term car rentals, leases work on a monthly basis, so you pay a flat monthly fee to use the car. Different leasing companies have different requirements and terms and conditions, however good companies can walk you through the process and ensure everything is in order in terms of insurance and other terms. When you opt for vehicle leasing from Tilsun, for example, you can choose from a wide range of makes and models, so it is easy to find something suited to the impression you want to give your customers, and you can also consider versatile executive models that can also make good family cars when you are not working. Another advantage of leasing over owning a new car is that you can swap it for a different one if your needs change or you want to upgrade to a nicer model in the near future.

Other Things To Remember

Having a nice vehicle is only part of what can allow your car to do some of the work of making a good first impression for you. As well as ensuring you have a nice, professional looking car, you also need to make sure it is clean, and smells good. Don’t smoke in your car, and use a ‘new car smell’ air freshener - but not a tacky looking visible one dangling from your rear view mirror! Avoid keeping toys and trinkets where people can see them, and keep your car looking as slick and well looked after as possible.

A leased vehicle can be an affordable way to give an air of success when you drive to client sites, so if you can’t afford an executive car or don’t want to buy one, it can be well worth checking out!

If you have any questions, please ask below!