Recommended Extra Features to Get on Your New Truck

new-truckWhen you are looking for trucks to purchase, another important factor to consider is the extras that are available, which not only personalise your truck but can also increase efficiency, comfort, and safety. There are many optional extras available for trucks from all manufacturers, and sometimes, choosing these extras is as important as choosing the truck. When you spend a lot of your time behind the wheel of your truck making a living, you want to feel comfortable and safe. Here are some of the optional extras that you should consider when looking to buy a new truck for sale.

Air Deflector

When you are looking to buy a new truck, the one optional extra that you should get is an air deflector to sit on top of the cabin. These formed pieces of plastic not only add good-looking curves to the cab, but they also increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle overall. The increased aerodynamics is also going to improve the handling as well as the fuel efficiency of the truck. It will pay for itself in the savings on fuel costs of the vehicle as well as make journey times faster. Best of all, an air deflector makes your truck look good!

Auxiliary Lamp Covers

These may seem like they are not very important, but these covers will help to protect the lamps whilst you are driving along the highways of and road networks of Australia. It is very easy for gravel and loose stones to be turned up by vehicles in front of you, and these can smash your auxiliary lamps. Fixing the lamps or buying new ones can be unwanted added expenses. Invest in lamp covers; they hardly break the bank. and they are a lot cheaper to replace than a new lamp unit for your truck.

A Truck of Comfort

As you will probably be spending so much of your time in your truck, you will want to make sure that it is comfortable, especially if you are driving long haul and spends nights away from home. Having a sleeper cab fitted out with all of the latest conveniences is one way to keep the comforts of home, whilst working away.

  • Lunch Box Heater
  • Bed Linen
  • TV
  • Microwave
  • Coffee Maker
  • Folding Tables
  • Storage Compartments
  • Refrigerator

From seat covers to bed linen, from DVD players to microwaves, there are many features that you can add to a good quality truck which will make it feel like home away from home. The costs of these do vary, and it is possible to have these added at a later date. So, if these are features that you are interested in, then you should consider having these added to the vehicle by the manufacturer, to save time and overall cost.


You will find that most truck manufacturers will offer a wide range of safety features for their trucks. These can include:

  • Safety Lighting
  • Hazard Lighting
  • Camera Systems
  • And Many More!

Look for those safety features when checking out trucks for sale. The more, the better. All of these different features are designed to keep the driver, the truck, and other vehicles safe. Making the truck highly visible and giving the driver an increased range of viewing, allowing him to see obstacles more clearly. This increases safety overall, which should always be an important factor when choosing a new commercial truck for sale.


There are also many ways that you can personalise your truck to make it stand out and be truly unique. This can be done by having a customised paint job, or adding aftermarket chrome and badges to your truck, to give it some bling and make it stand out. It all comes down to your own personal taste, as well as your budget, but you can rest assured that there are many ways that you can customise your new truck to reflect your tastes and character. The only trouble is, knowing when to stop adding all of these cool gadgets, gizmos and devices!

If you have any questions, please ask below!