Pristine Machines – 5 Tips For Keeping Your Car Flawless This Season


If you are reading this, then chances are you are a car lover like myself.

Perhaps you have just invested in a new car or are the proud owner of a classic or vintage vehicle. We always have the best intentions when we first slide behind the wheel of our new car and silently vow to ensure it remains in the same magnificent condition as the day we first laid eyes on it.

Fast forward a few years, the attitude has often softened a little, if not a lot.

From having a ‘no eating or drinking’ rule to polishing it regularly – time and inclination wane and it’s not easy to keep your car looking stunning.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks which don’t impinge heavily or either your time or wallet, but can transform your car back to it’s former glory.

Cleaning coming to you

Having a personal car cleaning service who comes to your work or home is the most civilised way of keeping your car in pristine condition, year round. Mobile Eagle Car Washcome to you and offer professional car detailing, cleaning and polishing.

Cover it

For those that aren’t fortunately enough to have a garage to cosy your car into, consider the benefits of an easy to apply car cover. Now, I know what you are thinking. “I can’t be bothered putting on a car cover every day!” Never fear! Checkout the easy operation Manful car cover.

With one of these car covers in action, it makes keeping your car protected from the elements, quick and simple.

Polish – Perfection

A premium car polish will not only make it shine like new but will also protect it from the elements. A good hand polish can remove such things as surface swirls and can raise a good shine. Of course working by hand will be limited to some extent.

According to the Polished Bliss website, machine polishing a car can even reduce or remove substantial sub surface paint defects. Do your homework though as not all models of car have the same paint hardness.

Prudent Parking

My car seems to be a magnet.

Wherever I park, I am constantly attracting other cars to park annoyingly close.

My intention, by parking at a remote distance to other vehicles, is to prevent things like scratches and paint chips caused by other drivers opening their doors onto my car or dragging their bags down the side of it.

Avoid parking in the busy bays of shopping centres or parallel parking as this is when most door dings occur. If you suspect the car next to you may contain a small child or two, who often open their doors with reckless abandon – keep driving. Better to walk a block further than to suffer a damaged panel.

Consider the season when you are parking your car.

If it is wet and wintery, keep away from median strips and grass as the mud and soil will be immediately transferred from your guests and your feet, onto your carpet.

Placing disposable mats and seat covers down can mitigate this issue to some extent. It’s advisable to keep some in your glove compartment.

Tidy tips…

Finally, one simple hint.

Keep a bin and basic cleaning supplies in your car. Just a simple, small plastic bag that can be easily removed and replaced, will suffice. Also pack some wipes and air freshener.

It doesn’t take much to keep your car looking it’s best year round.

A good detailing every few months and regular weekly touch ups will be enough to maintain it under most circumstances. Put all the above ingredients together and your car will remain clean, fresh and in tip-top shape all year round.

If you have any questions, please ask below!