Prices of Famous Electric Cars

Electric cars: prices. Surely this is one of the questions that most users are made. Information on new electric hybrid vehicles is coming in a somewhat confusing way. Prototypes are announced, many “show cars” arise, refers to future models, but the truth is that it is still difficult to know exactly launch dates and official prices. The developments of these vehicles to starting his career very recently but already some brands have many of their models about to launch and we know prices are approximate.

Some of the hybrid cars that are going to be marketed have been developed from known vehicles adapted the chassis batteries, although in some cases, has made everything from scratch:



Renault has been very active with the electric car. The small two-seat Twizy will have an attractive starting price of €6.995 taxes included. The electric version of the Kangoo Z.E. will have a starting price of € 20,000 before taxes for the version of two-seater and 22,000 euros for the 5-seater version. Renault Fluence will also depart from the 22,000 Euros excluding taxes and subsidies. In September we will have the premiere of the Renault Zoe Z.E., an electric utility of urban character with some features of what will be the future Clio and you will have a starting price of $ 21,000.



Nissan is on the other hand to work in parallel with Renault. The fact that is marked of a partnership does not mean to share 100% of their engineering. The Nissan Leaf is postulated as an advanced alternative within the electric vehicles. Its price in the United States is $ 33000 and Europe expected that the $ 30,000 La ronde.



Opel through GM will launch an electric version called the Ampera. Sporting and unconventional appearance, reminds us somewhat of the Toyota Prius, but with its own personality. Your price for all of Europe will be € 42.900.



Tesla has in catalog model Roadster for €93.456. A good model of 292 CV that takes the lead the vast majority of manufacturers in the performance and autonomy, although its price makes it can only reach exclusive pockets.



Mitsubishi has introduced the smallest utility E-Miev, but its price of €27.521 does not especially affordable considering its limited dimensions.

Peugeot and Citroen:


Peugeot and Citroen have presented the same model but with two sides as usual. The Peugeot called its electric Ion and its starting price is in €27.895. Citroen on the contrary has redrawn the model, C-Zero Height Line, making a somewhat more exclusive model with a price of output $ 34.870.


The truth is that all of these above models are not exactly bargains, except the Renault Twizy, although it is true that it is closer to be a bike than a car. Brands do not want to risk launching models in mass and these first models do not cease to be the pilot versions of a technology that has barely begun to take its first steps.

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