New Jaguar Models -2019

The sexy curves, the black leather and the roaring beast of the engine! Jaguar, the name that speaks for itself!

Jaguar is the third largest cat in the world and is known for its immense power and agility. So what better name could be used for this magnificent automobile, which combines luxuriousness with high performance.

As most of you know the adrenaline that you get when sitting behind the wheel of a Jaguar can get pretty intense! Well, this is why it is widely known as the top choice for celebrities, millionaires and politicians.

Jaguar is one of Britain’s most famous luxury cars dating back to 1922. Not only do they make memorising cars but there’s also an amusing history behind each design!

Many say that Jaguar manufactures are fantastic at designing vehicles. Whether you prefer the classic luxury style like Jaguar XJ or the more sporty yet modern Jaguar F-Type, there is something for everyone! This year Jaguar has released several new designs that will blow your mind!

If you love a more SUV type, check out these incredible 2019 models:

E – Pace

The Euro NCAP rating has rated the Jaguar E‑PACE with a five‑star. It confirms that the car is among the safest on the market. It also offers great protection for children, adults and pedestrians. In all categories, the car has scored highly.

E – Pace


This model has also been rated with a five star on the Euro NCAP rating. The combination of passive and active safety measures include standard features. This incorporates Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, with optional driver assistance features like Driver Condition Monitor and Lane Keep Assist.

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Or if you are more into the Modern Sporty take a look at these seductive 2019 models:


A powerful, highly advanced, the petrol engine is at the heart of the F-Type. At all engine speeds, it delivers high levels of torque. The most advanced and responsive in-car infotainment system Jaguar has ever created is the Touch Pro. In every F-Type, the Touch Pro is standard and now features a bigger touchscreen.

F-Type R

The F-type R coupe is Jaguar’s most powerful and athletic contribution. It combines brute force and gorgeous Sheetmetal. This model is packed with a 550-hp supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 with an eight-speed automatic. In the testing, in 3.2 seconds, the F-type R coupe hit 60 mph.

F-Type R

For all the wagon and sedan lovers, these models maybe are just the right one for you:

XF Sport brake

The XF Sportbrake is like any other XF Jaguar models. This release has set wagon lovers happier. It offers a turbocharged four-cylinder engine as standard together with a potent supercharged V-6 as an option. Both offers all-wheel drive (AWD) as standard.


This Jaguar model is a glimpse of what a luxury car should be. The XJ model is a combination of luxury, beauty and power. It gives a dynamic driving experience. The passenger cabin is built for stretching out and relaxing. Full LED headlights and tail lights are featured in the XJ.


This luxury sedan comes with huge power that trades blows with the best from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. This model provides a high-octane performance and high-quality comfort with a 575-hp supercharged V-8 and limo-like passenger space.


This is not only Jaguar’s first purely electric model, but it sets a new standard for luxury electric vehicles to check out the I-Pace if you are looking for a pure economical car.

We all know that you get to build your own stuffed bear, but did you know that you get to build your own Jaguar! Yes, you heard that right.

Jaguar has the build your own model, where you get to select the model type you prefer. Choose the different AWD Automatic performance engine. Check out the key features the model has. Select your preferred colour, size and type of wheels, rims designs, the colour of brake disc, whether to have a panoramic roof or contrast and many more! It’s as if you are designing your own car from the light bulb to the very last detail of the car, but to your taste and expectations! Are you ready to take that step and design your dream car?

One thing is for sure when you buy a Jaguar, you aren’t just buying a car, you are buying into the culture and heritage that it has behind it! Jaguar is a lifetime car, once you hit that open road there’s no way you will ever turn back!

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