Motorbike Accessories for a More Enjoyable Ride

For some, a motorbike is simply an economical form of travel. But for those who love the thrill of feeling at one with their machine, it’s all about passion.

Over the years, the biking community has spread across the world, creating a network of advice and support. Novice riders can profit from this pool of information. Apart from tips on the latest marques, many riders search for interesting events or places to visit. Before setting off, it’s worth investing in some of the latest motorbike accessories. Designed for comfort, they turn any ride into an unforgettable experience.

It’s amazing how a Comfort Seat can turn a good ride into a brilliant one. It doesn’t matter how stylish the bike or fantastic the scenery, an uncomfortable seat can ruin the experience. But it doesn’t have to because riders now have the option of replacing them. Technology has produced a seat that ensures the even distribution of body pressure. The cushioning action has been improved immensely and increased durability makes it great value for money.

Heated Gloves could be classified as a luxurious option

But, equally, they could also be deemed an essential piece of motorcycle gear. Driving in cold weather, hands can become numb and lose sensation. Even the slightest loss of grip can lead to dangerous errors. But, with heated gloves, hands stay warm and dry and ready to respond instantly to the bike’s controls. Invest in a pair of heated gloves and enjoy riding whatever the weather.

At first glance, jeans may not seem the ideal choice of motorbike gear

But for those who love the casual look and feel of denim, specially designed rider’s jeans are just the thing. Available in a range of colors, including black or indigo, the jeans are made from hi-tech, durable, hard-wearing denim. They also feature strategically placed Kelvar reinforcement panels to help prevent tears. With CE-certified knee protections, this design allows rider’s the choice of wearing their favorite styles.

For passenger comfort, a padded Back Rest is ideal

There’s only one thing better than enjoying an experience and that’s sharing it. Taking a friend along on a motorcycle trip only adds to the fun. Investing in a padded Back Rest ensures they won’t miss on comfort. In some designs, the frame is made from black square-tube steel construction, with seat covering that matches the bike skin. It must be combined with backrest/rear carrier stay kit and is available as an extra option.

Keep in touch with an IPhone and enjoy peace of mind

Getting away from it all is just part of the fun of motorcycling. But apart from the safety angle, there are times when keeping in touch is essential. It’s comforting to know that if the need arises there’s a reliable phone on hand. Thanks to technology, bikers can choose an IPhone to suit their needs. Engineered to suit the demands of biking, the phones are made from high density silicone and designed for safety, comfort and performance. And they also come complete with a protective casing.

Lorraine Wylie is a professional writer with a special interest in motorbike parts and vehicle design.

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