Keep Your Recreational Vehicle Humid Free

While moving out I never liked to carry on my car along with me. I was a bit lazy and I wanted to carry my own bed and kitchen along with me, as I am a big time food lover and a guy who loves to procrastinate sometimes, so I searched for an RV. Some might wonder what this RV is. I'll tell you recreational vehicle or RV is the usual term for a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with living space and facilities found in a home. Basically it's like carrying your own small home with you. I searched on the internet, asked my known living beings, took advice from experts and finally made my mind to buy a recreational vehicle of my own which I can always haul with my SUV and carry my bed and kitchen along with me, and is safe for doing camping with this whole night long along with my mates. It provides me with the feel of my own home whilst on a journey or any long vacation with my family, without relying on any motel, and it saves my money also as it enables me to stay even in the places where there are no motels available or free with even a single room at a tourist spot "On season". However, at some places travelers are restricted to select sites for which some amount of fee is payable and it's affordable, it does not cost as a motel room though.

You can buy RV at a much cheaper price going through websites online. How to maintain your RV and to be sure that you do not create a mess while on camping with your automotive you can read it below.

Humid free Recreational Vehicle:

While on camping always keep in mind that if you are carrying it along with you, full care of it is also required as it is also a major part of your camping which can make or break your camping trip. Few tips are

  1. Check air in all its wheels and always keep an extra wheel, just in case.
  2. Keep a check on broken or fragile windowpane and vent seals and repair it as soon as possible before leaving.
  3. Examine and fix the built in toilet, all its water pipes, and its shower.
  4. Inspect it inner as well as the outer walls and if there is even any little hint of hidden water problems then get if fixed, do a regular checkup every month.
  5. Check the roof of your RV annually, and see whether it needs to be sealed or not.
  6. Install ventilation fans if they are not present in your vehicle to control the humidity in your bath and kitchen.
  7. Always make sure that your air conditioner vents and refrigerator which are typically vented outside are clear of any debris and clog free.
  8. Whenever possible do not hesitate to use towels and moisture-thirsty micro-fiber cloths.
  9. Maintain proper hygiene by replacing all the filters every one or two years
  10. Always call a professional to inspect your furnace inside that RV and also for the air conditioner to ensure its proper operation and an Eco-friendly environment inside your second home.
  11. For your closets there are hang in high capacity h, which can be used in bathrooms and even at other small enclosed spaces, to get rid of humidity.

Follow up with the above tips will help you reducing the places where most of the moisture gets collect unknowingly and keeps your vehicle from getting rust from inside and smelling damp. It also promotes healthy air quality in your trailer or RV eventually giving you the comfort of travelling. For more information regarding trailers and RVs you can visit

If you have any questions, please ask below!