How to Protect Your Classic Car when Pulling It in a Trailer?

Moving in a trailer or towing of vehicles is basically joining two vehicles so that one vehicle can help pulling the other vehicle if needed. Towing can be done to pull loaded products in a wheeler, to move animals, vehicles, trees, iron or different supplies from one place to another. The loaded part is coupled with rope, chains, hitch or even supporting platforms with trailers or other vehicles while they are in motion.


This procedure may be very dangerous and destructive if it is not handled properly. When we pull our cars by connecting them with different tools to pull them with different vehicles, we cannot just leave our valuable cars to that vehicle, they also have to be controlled properly or they might crash with the trailer if they are not handled. The question that arises is when we move our valuable cars like Land rover, Honda Accord, Civic, Land Cruiser, Bugatti, Ferrari or Prius in order to transport them from one place to another or they might have any kind of mechanical issue due to which they are not working properly and you need to take it to your mechanic. You need to be very careful about towing your valuable cars, as if any damage occurs, the repairing and denting of classic cars done is very expensive and most of their parts, if destroyed, are not easy to find in anywhere. So how can we move them without damaging our valuable cars? How is it possible to protect them?

In United States many accidents have been reported due to towing of automobiles as sometimes when they are towed they go out of control, this problem has occurred not only in U.S but everywhere in the world where people use this concept to transport cars. Proper safety measures should be taken in order to move your expensive and valuable cars in a trailer. Most of the cars which face different kinds of accidents and crashes are those which are towed with ropes and chains, even sometimes with a hitch. This process is very dangerous as ropes are not reliable, the can break anytime, chains on other hand does not help in controlling the car and hitches of used should be strong and tight, so they would not unjoin in the middle of the road causing accidents.

Steps that should be taken to protect your car:

Safety measures that everyone should take to protect the vehicles are:

  • For transportation or towing your vehicle in an effective manner you should use flatbeds or they are also known as enclosed trailer, these flatbeds are very helpful as they are fixed with the trailer and moves according to the trailer without any extra control required, it also does not only increase the mileage of the trailer but it can also be a little expensive.


  • Second one is, if you can’t afford a flatbed or if there is an emergency and flatbeds are not available to you all the time you can use tow bars. Tow bars are very effective, this setting also does not require any extra control and it keeps the distance between the two vehicles so they might not crash. They also have safety cables and you can fold them to make them compact and carry them anywhere with you.
  • Another towing method is the use of tow dollies, these are also very effective in moving any vehicle. It basically supports and carries the front wheels of the car, they are kept lifted up with an iron bar in the middle of the mover and the car which prevents them from coming close to each other and damage one another.


The most effective method from the above is using the tow bars. They are cost effective, convenient and reliable. They are designed in such a way that they protect the car very efficiently and do not damage both the machines.

Cars are the important assets of our life and they also need to be taken care of, if we handle them carelessly it will only cost us. Doing these kinds of procedures need proper care so it will not vandalize the motorized vehicles.The above given were some steps to protect your valuable cars from damaging while moving them in a trailer.


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  1. Levi Armstrong

    I’m planning to transport my father’s vintage vehicle to my home next week, and I’m looking for a triple axle tilt trailer rental. I agree with what you said that people transporting their vehicles should use a flatbed because they are extremely helpful since they are fixed to the trailer. That is exactly why I don’t plan on moving the vehicle unless I have found a quality trailer to rent. Thanks for this!

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